How to Set and Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Taking a Bar Method class 3-5 times per week has major benefits that range from improved flexibility and strength to a more toned-looking physique. Whatever your motivation, setting solid goals for what you can achieve with class will have a huge impact on your success while inspiring you to stay on track when life gets […]

Meet a Bar Star: Jen H.

Meet a Bar Star: Jen, Bar Online Student

One of the best things about Bar Method is that class is based on of exercises that you can do nearly anywhere. Knowing how valuable this can be, we’ve built Bar Online for students who want to keep up with a workout routine while away from their home studio — as well as for students […]

What the Tuck?

On the front lines of communication when it comes to feedback and questions from students across the country, Bar Method studio owners really know their stuff. We recently caught up with Jessica Bowman, Owner of Bar Method Solana Beach, about a blog post she recently published for her client community that talks specifically about the […]

Featured Playlist: September

As you’ve probably experienced, good songs and strong beats can play a big part as to how motivated and energetic you feel when you take a Bar Method class. It’s not just your imagination — science has shown the powerful effect that music can have on people. Knowing this, we carefully create each class playlist […]

Barre - The Bar Method - Darien, CT - new studio

New Studio Announcement: Darien, CT

After the recent Los Gatos and Campbell studio openings in California, we’re extra excited to announce a new Bar Method location on the East Coast, welcoming Lara Meehan and Anna Trepanier from the Darien, Connecticut studio to our growing family of studio owners! Read on to learn about what inspired Anna and Lara to make […]

A Bar Method Student’s Guide to Complex Carbohydrates

It’s no secret that carbs are a super important macronutrient and give your body heaps of energy. However, despite it’s ability to act as fuel to power you through the day, trendy diets and weight loss buzz can discourage people from consuming enough of them. Rather than cut carbs out completely, the key to maintain […]

Why Do You Bar: Sara Scott-Curran

As we’ve seen from our growing collection of Why Do You Bar stories, students find an incredible variety of  inspiring reasons that keep them coming back to Bar Method class. Sara Scott-Curran, The Director of Retail at Bar Method HQ, recently shared some notes about her own journey and how taking class has made her […]

5 Healthy Ways to Beat Back to School Stress

Stress and how you perceive it can have a tremendous impact on your ability to power through long to-do lists, get enough sleep and make it to Bar Method class. The good news? There are actually a handful of things you can do to keep your energy levels high while carving out time to take […]

The Bar Method, Los Gatos, CA

New Studio Announcement: Los Gatos, CA

We’re excited to announce another studio opening in California, officially welcoming The Bar Method Los Gatos to our growing community! The brand new studio is owned by Shadin Saah and Stacy Barrett, both of them devoted members of the San Francisco Downtown studio before making the leap to build their own Bar Method community just […]

Anniversary Tributes

Below are a few words from our Founder, Burr Leonard, and CEO and President, Jay DeCoons, in honor of Bar Turning 15. As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, I want to thank you, Bar Method students, for inspiring and guiding me as I developed The Bar Method into what it is today. I started with […]