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Monthly Music Playlist: Let Freedom Ring

It’s America’s birthday month and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate then to turn up the volume on some great American classics! This month’s playlist salutes the great red, white and blue, as we celebrate summer the old fashioned way. We’ve included everything from John Mellencamp “Small Town” to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince reminiscing about “Summertime.” We hope you like it! Have a happy 4th of July and let freedom ring!

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Monthly Music Playlist: Soundtrack For Summer

June is upon us, which means summer is coming! There are so many great things to love about summertime…spending long days with the family at the beach or the lake, catching up with your friends at the neighborhood BBQ, or checking out for 2 weeks to take your long awaited and much needed vacation, far away from all responsibility! Ahhh summer, you are so sweet indeed!

The best part about all of the above is the incredible new music that comes out in summer. This month’s playlist was created to be your soundtrack for summer, whether you’re working out or just hanging out. It’s comprised of all the current and upcoming hits –including Miley Cyrus’ new hit “Malibu,” the catchy new track from Jax Jones & Raye “You don’t know me” you will soon be hearing everywhere you go this summer. And finally our personal favorite “The Biebs” and DJ Khaled collaborate on the cutest, mellow track “I’m the one.” Download the playlist and turn it up!


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