How Hoddy is Doing

Two months ago, I wrote you about Hoddy Potter, the owner of the two Kansas City Bar Method studios, having been diagnosed with stage 4 non-hodgins lymphoma in March. Since then, many of you have asked how she’s doing, and I’d like to give you an update.

Hoddy as Katy Perry

Hoddy as Katy Perry

It’s no surprise to all of us who know Hoddy that she is beating down her adversary like a Ninja warrior. She has exercised, taught class, raised money for lymphoma research, and reached out to the people in her life with surprise gifts and funny notes.  One day last month for example, our staff members at Bar Method Headquarters all received a Starbucks gift card from Hoddy with the inscription:

“It’s Summer! Go get a COOL drink on me….Whoops!…It’s summer in San Francisco, go get a HOT drink on me…”

We got a laugh and a warm drink on an actually freezing San Francisco summer day.

In spite of Hoddy’s initial hopes, her chemo treatments did end up causing her to lose her hair. Undaunted, she seized the opportunity to channel her inner fashionista, teaching Bar Method classes in a procession of wigs, scarves, bands, bangles and brazen baldness.  She even made this hilarious dance video of her various looks.

Watch the videoHoddy dance video link 3 smaller

One day in early July, one of Hoddy’s friends asked if she could treat Hoddy to a pedicure. Hoddy wasn’t feeling her best and considered begging off but decided to go anyway.  She and her friend were on their way to the nail salon when suddenly over 100 people – friends, family and her Bar Method community –  crystalized into a flash mob in her honor. Her husband and three children, as well as a local TV channel, appeared on the scene to share the moment with her.

See Channel 9’s coverage of the flash mob.Hoddy flash mob segment smaller

So how is Hoddy doing? Since her diagnosis in March, she has completed five out of six scheduled chemo treatments. Two weeks ago, she texted my husband and me good news from her doctors on the results so far. “Hi guys. Latest cat scan says I’m on target and reduction of tumors is 80 to 90 percent. Everyone is pumped but on course I am waiting to hear the ALL CLEAR still. Xo”

After her final treatment, she says, she will have a definitive “big scary PET scan that determines the rest of my life.”

Hoddy teaching b&w mergeI asked her how she keeps her spirits up during all this, and she told me, “I feel the most supported when I am at work. The positive and passionate energy of the clients and my fellow co-works keep me inspired and supported.”

Hoddy, we want to let you know that our Bar Method family sends our love and support as well!

Hoddy with family merge small

Hoddy and her family

Photos by Alise Kowalski, life&style and Modern Beauty photography



You can contribute to Hoddy’s fund raising drive for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) by clicking on this link.



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  1. Michael Doud
    Michael Doud says:

    Burr and I had lunch with Hoddy yesterday – her infectious spirit is one that is inspiring to be around. Even through the sometimes difficult conversations of the “what ifs” and the practical matters of family and business – her spirit soars with engaged love. She’s also one of the studio owners who gets what our company is trying to do – put women into business allowing them to hire women to offer women a way to change their lives in a positive way. Hoddy was a client, became an employee of the SF Marina studio and then opened her own two studios. What arises from Hoddy are – she loves what she does (owning a Bar Method Studio). She loves the people who come in each day and show up to class (to themselves) because that is what she is doing – walking the line of what is now, what is present and what can be done now with now. Some moments are difficult, some filled with hope, and she addresses each as they arrive with an amazing inimitable spirit. I honor you with Love – Michael

  2. Sangeeta kakar
    Sangeeta kakar says:

    Thank you for the update about Hoddy. It is great to hear that she is doing so well and just wanted her to know that we are with her as she crosses that ‘all clear’ finish line. Hoddy- you remain in our thoughts and prayers and we continue to send you lots of love from Vancouver, Canada. Looking forward to you visiting us on your victory tour.

  3. Anna
    Anna says:

    Great news!!! Hoddy is truly a rockstar and life changer for all of us in KC!!! Her amazing spirit and infectious personality has empowered a community and made our world a much better place. We love her so much and love seeing the Bar community around the country rally behind her as well. What a testament to Bar Method–it’s more than a workout, it’s a true community and we are so privileged Hoddy brought us all into it! Keep kicking cancer’s booty (harder than you kick ours in seat work!!!) #teamhoddy #SHAKEcancer

  4. Millie Simon-Dufault
    Millie Simon-Dufault says:

    Although, I’ve only met you on video, your exuberant spirit shines though. Keep kicking cancer’s bootie with your usual grace, attitude and energy and we’ll keep praying for you and your family. Great video! Take care.

  5. No Longer SD
    No Longer SD says:

    Hi there,

    I moved away from SD over a year ago and couldn’t figure out a way to unsubscribe from your emails. There is not option to unsubscribe nor is there a contact email on your site.

    • barmethod
      barmethod says:

      Unsubscribe is at the bottom of the page from the emails you are sent. We do not find ( in the subscribed list for Burr’s blog.


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