The Beautiful Look and Style of Bar Method Studios

Summit Accent WallIn 2007, we welcomed our first Bar Method studios located outside of our home state of California. All of the new studios were beautiful, but one stood out for its highly creative design choices. The owners of the Summit, New Jersey studio, Jen and Angie, had painted the wall behind their front desk a deep, chocolate brown and mounted onto it a shiny metallic logo. They also exposed the brick on one wall of their studio. Both of these ideas took fire within the Bar Method, and other studio owners painted accent walls, mounted shiny logos, and exposed brick as you’ll see below. Today, on approaching a Bar Method front desk one of the first things you’ll notice is an accent wall, which has now become an essential design element in all new studios. Below is a selection of the many gorgeous colors studio owners have chosen:

accent wall collage

The development of our accent walls is an example of the collaborative effort among ourselves, our studio owners and our students that has gone into the evolution of the Bar Method’s studio design style. Based on our students’ input, we’ve learned to equip exercise rooms with soft flooring to cushion feet, knees and hips, plenty of “stall-bars” (bars with lower rungs) to accommodate students with tight hamstrings, calming, neutral colors on the walls, and natural light for a cheerful ambiance.

At the same time, we’ve encouraged studio owners to be as creative as they wish beyond these design basics. In this blog I’d like to give you a tour of a few studios whose owners have come up with their own distinctive and dazzling looks.

As I mentioned, studios in older cities such as Summit, New York, Boston, Salt Lake City and Montclair, New Jersey exposed the underlying brick in their exercise rooms, reception areas and hallways. Some of these walls reveal the ghosts of former stairways, windows and doors impressed in the brick, providing students with a bit of fascination with what came before while they work out.


Owners in other cities took advantage of unique architechural features of their spaces. In Portland owners Denise and Meghann enhanced the dramatically high ceilings of their space with larger-than-life-size photos, faux beams, and industrial-style lighting:

Portland Collage

San Diego studioSan Diego Bar Method owner Allison located her studio in Point Loma’s Liberty Station, a cluster of buildings that once housed a naval training center and is now a nationally designated landmark. Allison built on her space’s historic flavor by installing fans, lighting and curtains that evoke the mid-century style of the period.

Montclair studioIn Montclair, New Jersey, Shannon and Kelly were forced to make an flamboyant design choice by unforeseen circumstances. Shortly after they’d signed their lease, their contractor popped out a few ceiling tiles and discovered a long-hidden decorative ceiling, which their landlord then insisted they restore. After many extra months of construction, Shannon and Kelly now have a studio room to die for. No problem doing the last 20 curls in the Montclair studio! All you have to do is look up and be transfixed.

Orlando LoungeAmong my favorite design inspirations of all is the lounge in the Orlando, Florida studio. Owner Karen installed a retro banquette worthy of a Raymond Chandler Hollywood mystery, then dressed it up with glittering modern accessories. The Orlando Disneyland couldn’t have been more imaginative!

I wish I could show you all the fabulous Bar Method studios. Catherine in Carlsbad and Carrie Salt Lake City stained their bars and stall-bars in rich mahogany. Joey in Burbank chose black lockers, red walls and red faux leather furniture that give his locker rooms a wow factor. Palos Verdes, California is just plain magnificent throughout. I’m proud of all care and thought owners have put into making their studios fun, unique and inviting.

Congratulations, studio owners, on your gorgeous designs!  

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  1. Gregory Brown
    Gregory Brown says:

    Even though I do not belong to a location, it is wonderful that you have all of the information that you do online, as well as the videos. Everything is such an inspiration that it helps to keep me motivated. I am learning along the way the best way to exercise and get the most out of it.

  2. Donna Maly
    Donna Maly says:

    The Bar Method is a class act with many imitators but none even coming close. I do the online workouts now. They are better than other in studio “barre” classes I have attended. It has defined my body like nothing else. Thank you!


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