The Making of Super Sculpting 2 Exercise DVD, Part 1


describe the imageThis month I finished shooting two new Bar Method DVD workouts with me as the lead performer, which will be coming out in April. What I enjoyed most about making this set is that they are pegged to be intermediate-to-advanced, so when it came to designing the routines I could pick from just about any exercise in the Bar Method and even create new ones if I wished. I love using the ball in Bar Method classes, so I used it throughout both workouts. Pretzel is one of my favorite exercises, so it went right into the first Super Sculpting routine. Super Sculpting II includes “diagonal seat,” a recently developed Bar Method exercise that never fails to hit me in all the right places. For curl I chose variations that look beautiful when you’re doing them, that are really challenging, and that are different from the ab-work in the other DVDs.

When the choreography was in place and I stood back and looked at both routines as whole, I was pleased to see that they each ended up with a different focus. Super Sculpting concentrates on toning. “SS II” moves faster and is more aerobic. Each DVD includes a set of aerobic exercises mid-point through the workout. SS II takes its fat-burning component one step farther by adding one more set of thigh-work, a second “seat” exercise designed to elevate the heart-rate, and a few “zingers” (Bar Method speak for short, fun, surprising and extra hard moves) during the ab section.

Cast of Super Sculpting 2What did I find hardest about the DVD production process? Rehearsing! I was lucky to have a different group of terrific Bar Method teachers for each DVD to help me get through this stage. Both teams encouraged me as I fumbled through the first few run-throughs and continued to support me all the way through the two back-to-back on-camera performances we finally did for each DVD. In a blog I wrote last summer I described my wonderful Super Sculpting team (See “Making the ‘Super Sculpting’ Exercise DVD.”). Now I’d like to tell you about my amazing Super Sculpting II performers.

Super Sculpting II as I mentioned is a workout that highlights the fat-burning power of the Bar Method. Fittingly as it turned out, the three teachers who signed on to do it with me are all built like racehorses. Sharon Demko has danced most of her life and has the body to show it. She started teaching at my Bar Method studio in the San Francisco Marina eight years ago when she was the mother of a one-year-old son. A few years later she taught through most of her second pregnancy. Now her sons are nine and six, and Sharon is as slender and defined as I’ve ever seen her.

High Curl Sequence in SS2Kiesha Ramey-Presner, also a San Francisco Marina teacher, is the mother of a 15-month-old son named Dylan. Kiesha has one of those spectacular model’s bodies that looks like it’s been long and lean from birth. She started taking the Bar Method five years ago not to change her body but because she was looking for an overall workout she would enjoy as much as she had running. “I was surprised when I ended up dropping one jean size,” she told me. “And I got so much stronger, to a pentacle of strength.”

Juan Barba, a senior teacher at the Burbank, California studio, is quietly charming, “scary-smart,” and a true Bar Method fanatic. In his three years as a Bar Method teacher, he has noticeably buffed up from doing the workout (and nothing else, he says). To me he is living proof that the Bar Method can and does significantly change men’s bodies.

Next week: The Super Sculpting II performers talk about their hardest and funniest moments during the shoot. Stay tuned…

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  1. Sally Hulbert
    Sally Hulbert says:

    When will these DVD’s be available for purchase? I have been doing Marnie Alton’s Dancer’s Body and LOVE it,as I am also a runner and it really strengthens running muscles.
    I am very addicted “Dancer’s Body”!!

  2. Norma Jean
    Norma Jean says:

    Hurry Burr. I cannot wait to order them. I own most of the tapes and now almost a year into the Bar Method, feel wonderful, flexible, strong,and healthy. Considerably leaner too 😉 Best workouts EVER!

  3. Bar Method Headquarters
    Bar Method Headquarters says:

    Thank you Sandy and Sally for your enthusiasm. At this time an official release date has not been announced. Please stay tuned.

    Best Regards,
    The Bar Method Headquarters

  4. Sally Hulbert
    Sally Hulbert says:

    Also,just to let you know I have been doing Burr’s Bar Method Advanced for a year.Even tho I have been a runner for 30 years,the Bar Method uses muscles I never knew existed! I just crave it and have noticed a huge difference in my overall body tone and posture,even tho I was already fit from running. The bar Method is an AWESOME addition to any sport ,but certainly stands alone as the ultimate workout and body sculptor. By the way…I am turning 54 yrs old this week. I only wish I had the Bar Method 25 yrs ago!!!

  5. Tina
    Tina says:

    I like running but love the “dancer’s body” look…I want to do both…(I took ballet as a young girl). My question is how do you suggest I incorporate both> How often should Bar Method be done to really affect my body? Run & Bar Method on the same days? alternating days?

  6. Joyce
    Joyce says:

    I learned of the Bar Method through friends last year. Since the closest studio in San Diego is 48 miles I purchased the Change Your Body and the Accelerated dvd’s. I was hooked instantly! I’m seeing changes in my 62 year old body that I thought weren’t possible! Not to mention the improvement in my posture, strength and flexibility. Even my Husband noticed and complimented me on my body! Wow, that was a memorable day! I also wanted to share that I recently underwent a full mastectomy of my right breast. My surgeon commented that my present fitness would benefit me with my recovery. She was absolutely right! Only 1 day after surgery, I had 95% range with my right arm. The occupational therapist was very impressed when she gave me exercises to do. I tell all my friends about The Bar Method, as they all notice my new and improved body. Thank you Burr! I’m so looking forward to SS I and SS II!

  7. Sandy R.
    Sandy R. says:

    Jus did the new body sculpting dvd work out. WOW!!! WOW!! I swear that is hiting other muscles that I didn’t even no I had?!?!? Can’t wait to do the other one.

  8. Tasha
    Tasha says:

    I just received the Super Sculpting DVD’s today and I can’t wait to get started. I just moved out of the S.F. area so getting to a Bar Method Studio is next to impossible. To make up for it I’ve been doing the DVD’s at home. Although they are effective, I feel I push myself much harder when I’m in a class setting. PLEASE someone open a studio in the Piedmond/Berkely area!! I miss being in the studio tremendously!

  9. Veronica
    Veronica says:

    Just received the two new supersculpting DVDs! I love them! Thanks, Burr for putting out such great workouts on DVD. Your encouragement and enthusiam helps me stay “deep in the muscle” each entire set. Thank you! Also love the technical explanations of the positioning and what each exercise is meant to achieve for the targeted muscle. In two words, awesome DVDs!

  10. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    I’ve been doing the accelerated workout and love it. How are the new super sculpting DVDs different from the accelerated workout? Are the super sculpting 1 and 2 DVD’s completely different workouts? Should you alternate doing those during the week? Thanks for your help1

  11. Bar Method Headquarters
    Bar Method Headquarters says:

    @Tracy The Super Sculpting Workouts are more challenging, faster moving and updated from the older ones.


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