4 Barre Myths Debunked

The new year has arrived. This time of year brings up the conversation of change as we assess our lives and what we want for the future. One thing you may be thinking about changing is your health habits and exercise routine. If you are looking to try a new form of exercise, barre may be for you! Now if you’re thinking “no way am I trying a barre class. I am not a dancer”, you are not alone. There are many myths about barre classes that prevent people from taking their first step into the studio, but let us assure you that the myths and stereotypes you’ve heard about barre are far from true. Keep reading to hear us debunk some of the most common myths about barre!

Barre is for Dancers

We get it. With a workout  called ‘barre’, it comes as no surprise that many people assume this form of exercise is meant for dancers. While barre does have a ballet base, you do not need to be a dancer to take barre class! At our Bar Method studios, you will see women and men with a range of backgrounds, from golfers to those looking to get back into fitness after having children. The exercises you will see in Bar Method class are designed to work deep into each muscle. The different positions you will experience in class might seem foreign to your body at first, even for a dancer! No matter your background or fitness level, our expert instructors (who have over 6 months of training) will guide you through each exercise to ensure your form is correct and that you are getting the full benefits from each exercise. So next time you start to believe that barre is for dancers, remind yourself that barre is for EVERYONE, and we’d love to see you in class.

Barre Lacks Cardio

Sweat equals a great workout…right? WRONG! Within fitness, there is a common misconception that in order to get a “good” workout you need to push your body to an extreme. We are here to remind you that there are other forms of cardio beyond running. Bar Method classes are based on interval training. Throughout class we will work each muscle group to fatigue, raising your heart rate and putting your strength to the test. In our Bar Move class, we move at a faster pace with exercises that feature a larger range of movement, resulting in an additional cardio boost! Bar Method clients can burn over 300 calories in one class, so book your next class today and see what the burn is all about!

Men Don’t Do Barre

There is a common misconception that men don’t do barre. Let us tell you, men do barre and they LOVE IT! Here is what Toby of Bar Method Seattle had to say about his experience with The Bar Method: “I love The Bar Method workouts for several reasons. It is an incredibly intense workout. I have taken over 300 classes and every time I take class, I still feel challenged. I also love the sense of community at the studio. I feel a great amount of support from everyone in the room and always feel encouraged and inspired. I love that at The Bar Method I can fully disconnect and focus on myself.” The Bar Method has also helped many of our male clients improve their performance in other sports. John H. of Bar Method Salt Lake City started taking class a few years ago when his wife brought him to the studio after suffering a running injury. By combining running with The Bar Method, our classes have kept John completely injury free. John thanks The Bar Method for the additional core strength and hip mobility which has improved his running performance significantly. So fellas, enough with the excuses! Come see what barre is all about and let us help you reach your fitness goals

You Have to be Flexible to do Barre

Does barre involve stretching? Yes. Do you need to be flexible to take class? No. At The Bar Method, we work a muscle to fatigue and follow the strength work with a stretch, resulting in long, lean muscles. While stretching plays a key role in all of our classes, you do not NEED to be flexible prior to trying barre class. Bar Method MAKES you flexible! Bar Method Southlake client, Liz, says, “I’m 40 years old, with three littles and today, after nearly 2 years with Bar Method Southlake, I’ve found my splits on BOTH sides!” Over time, you will develop more flexibility resulting in injury prevention, slowing down the aging process, and more energy! So next time you fear barre class due to its stretching components, remind yourself of the fantastic benefits consistent stretching can do for your body.

So, do we have you convinced to try your next barre class yet? Click here to sign up for class, and we’ll see you at the barre!


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