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The Bar Method’s Sweet 16: A Look Back

August 19, 2017

It’s our 16th birthday today and to celebrate we are taking a look at our past, present and future. We credit our origins to Lotte Berk, our innovation to Burr Leonard, our foundation to physical therapy and our success to YOU; our community of students, teachers and studio owners.

We are proud to be a pioneer in the barre fitness industry and are grateful to everyone who has contributed to the development and success of our brand! The future is bright for The Bar Method!  The past 16 years was just the beginning. Our brand is evolving with a new tone and aesthetic to carry us forward into the next 16 years and beyond. We are excited to share it with you very soon!  We hope you’ll lift your heels, raise your room side arm and “let it shake” with us as we move into our next chapter with graceful strength.

But before we do, let’s take a look back and discover how barre was created, who started The Bar Method, what makes us unique, and what keeps us coming back every day. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to celebrate the past and have it serve as the foundation for our future.  We’ll be giving away 16 prizes, so make sure to check our account @thebarmethod daily!

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