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Three Things You May Be Surprised to Learn About Your Bar Method Instructor

October 23, 2020

Anyone else feel like their Bar Method instructor is a superhuman in yoga pants? It’s no secret that our instructors are vigilant, diligent, and intelligent, but you might be surprised to learn how rigorous the instructor certification process is—in fact, it’s not uncommon for instructor candidates to spend over a year studying, training, and taking exams. The requirements are put in place to ensure that every class is led by someone who is a barre enthusiast, an encouraging mentor, and a knowledgeable teacher. This is because we prioritize your safety just as much as your success at The Bar!


We talked with Bar Method Instructor Jeannine Clancy who just celebrated her second year of teaching at The Bar Method Tampa studio. As someone who recently experienced the training process, she was able to share with us a few components of the process that may surprise you!


Learning adjustments are the main focal point for training.

According to Jeannine, instructors undergo one-on-one training to learn how to use hands-on and verbal adjustments with clients. “A critical component of our training includes written study and many hours of one-on-one training for adjustments,” says Jeannine. “This important piece of training helps ensure clients are kept safe while maximizing the targeted muscle engagement.”

Your instructor spends hours learning how to study and observe your movements so they can offer correction and modifications throughout class. They study over 400 pages of an instruction manual to learn not only what to watch for, but how to subtly make corrections without interrupting your concentration or the class flow.

Instructor candidates have to learn human anatomy.

Understanding how the different parts of your bodywork in tandem with one another is an imperative element of The Bar Method instructor training. “The path to Bar Method Instructor certification includes a strong understanding of human anatomy,” says Jeannine. “Gaining knowledge of the spine, tendons, ligaments, and muscle groups help us know how The Bar Method works and strengthens the body, as well as how to keep clients in the best form.”

Your Bar Method instructor learns the anatomy of your body from head to toe; they learn where each body part is located, what it’s used for, how it functions, and how to stretch or strengthen it. 

Candidates actually audition to become instructors. 

Articulation and high energy are two non-negotiable traits that we look for in an instructor. Learning to articulate form set-ups, the exercises, and verbal adjustments require a significant degree of expertise and confidence. Meanwhile, studio owners look for instructors who are engaging and enthusiastic to lead their Bar Method classes which is why instructor hopefuls practice leading class and later audition for owners. 



Photo via: @clancy1104 Instagram


This is only a portion of the certification process. The intense studying, practicing, and testing ensures that your class is taught by the best. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

If you haven’t already experienced a personalized barre class led by one of our talented instructors, click here to find a studio near you and try a class today!