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“Stronger Than Ever”: How One Bar Method Member Built Her Strength Back After Suffering a Stroke

February 12, 2021

In today’s blog, Pam Glies shares how she has recovered from a stroke by sticking to her Bar Method routine at her studio in Wexford. Read Pam’s full story below to be inspired by her strength and resilience.  

Q&A with Pam! 

First off, we’re so glad that you’re doing well after having a health scare with a brain bleed. Can you describe for us what happened? 

During the third week of March 2020, I started having several symptoms (of a stroke!) that I told myself were due to stress and tiredness. I even fell off the barre in my Bar Method class! I had the worst headache ever, then numbness on my left side. A trip to the emergency room and then to the ICU at UPMC hospital confirmed I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage that caused a stroke on the left side. I was in shock… me? Through early diagnosis and great doctors, I was treated and everything possible was done to help me. I came home with 20% damage and truthfully a lot of fear. I knew I had a long road ahead… little did I know the Bar Method would be the biggest part of my recovery!  

What was your recovery process like?  

I was told to start therapy immediately, and the neurologist approved doing barre exercises at home because of Covid-19. It wasn’t safe for me to be out — I’m 66 years old. I called the owner of the studio I attend, and Mandy (the owner) along with Carrie (one of the instructors) helped me with changes to the moves and would FaceTime with me as many times as needed. My doctors said I was strong and that this type of exercise would absolutely be the best for me. Almost 10 months later, I attend class regularly and continue to build more strength. Most people don’t notice any difference today in my physical appearance. I think I’m even stronger! 

How did you get started with The Bar Method? 

I saw the studio driving by one day and called! Mandy invited me to a free class and I signed up that day. Best decision ever!  

Did you have any previous dance experience?  

No experience at all! It’s the strong community and supportive gals that help me daily… I’m emotionally stronger, full of gratitude for the ability to work with all ages, and physically more confident. I love the atmosphere at the studio. We all try to give our best to everyone in the room every day. It’s an amazing experience! 

Can you give us an idea of your daily routine? 

I usually take a class at 9:45 a.m. and then return home. I have brain games to do (damage there, too). I walk daily if possible, and I love to paint! It’s relaxing to me. 

How has The Bar Method impacted your overall health? 

 It has been a purely positive experience. Not only physically but mentally. I was concerned about fitting in after the stroke. No need for those thoughts! My movements may be different, but that’s the beauty of Bar… it’s for everyone! I’m excited and happy in every class.  

What would you suggest to someone who’s interested in trying the program?  

Just try! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone! I spent too many years in my comfort zone. This method is worth a shot for all! 

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