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How The Bar Method Helped One Member On Her Journey to Recovery

November 2, 2020

Nancy Newman is no stranger to the hospital. After several injuries and multiple surgeries, including one failed spine surgery and a hip replacement, she struggled to find a workout that she enjoyed and also helped to manage her pain. That is, until she opened a Groupon email that included an offer for a Bar Method studio near her. Nancy ditched her old gym routine, walked into the studio at The Bar Method Marlboro, and never looked back. 


Here is her story: 

“Ten years ago, I had spine surgery at a very good hospital with an amazing surgeon. I had been having pain in my lower body while sitting. I had gone to many doctors in my area and had many tests and injections, but everything had been temporary, so I ended up going ahead with the surgery. It was May 21, 2010—it’s a blur. They ended up placing titanium cages between my L4 and L5 with rods and screws. They also did a fusion at S1.

I was already used to being in the hospital; I had had two C-sections. I was in a lot of pain after the surgery, but I went home and slept, and hung out in a zero-gravity chair for most of the summer. I was pain-free—for a while anyway. Then in January, my pain started all over again! I went back to my surgeon, and MRI’s and x-rays confirmed that all of the rods, pins, cages, and hardware were fine and in the correct healing spots—no problems. He referred me to pain management. I did a ton of research and joined spinal pain blogs. I finally was told that I had failed back surgery. Having the same pain as before I went through all of that was so upsetting and still is. I’ve had many, many cortisone injections. I have seen other spinal surgeons, too. 

Fast forward to a few years ago, I was looking at my Groupon email which I usually delete, but that day, I noticed an ad for The Bar Method Marlboro. I had been going to a regular gym, doing machines, and not feeling anything or seeing any results. So I decided to try the studio in Marlboro. It’s not only gorgeous but the two owners Nicole and Michelle were so helpful and concerned for me. I took a class. Having done ballet when I was younger, I took a quick liking to the movements in class. I became obsessed with going to class almost every day. I couldn’t believe how great I was feeling and how much energy I had. I also loved seeing the ladies there. I felt a real closeness with the studio and the people there. Plus, I was able to deal with my daily pain like I hadn’t in years.

I was able to get my best friend to join and she became as obsessed as I was! Then I tore my right shoulder rotator cuff, so another surgery was performed. After I recovered from that, I was right back at The Bar. Then this past January, I had my second hip replaced, and then in March, I had a right knee replacement! Now I am recovered again and since everything is shut down, I have been doing physical therapy religiously and joined The Bar Method Online a few months ago and have been doing classes every other day—I love it!

My Bar Online classes make me feel great and helps me forget all of my pains. Luckily, my hips and my knee are feeling no pain. The knee is a bit tender, but I’m still doing push-ups on my knees using a pad. Hey, when you love The Bar Method, you are able to conquer anything!

I’m looking forward to the studio opening again eventually, but before I had to freeze my membership due to the surgeries, I had completed over 350 classes! The strength and toning that The Bar Method has given me is what helps me get through every day.”

Nancy’s resilience paired with Bar Method magic has been instrumental on her road to recovery. She will soon turn 68 and has no plans to slow down her barre practice!

Do you have a story of how your Bar Method studio helped you heal from an injury or illness? We’d love to hear!