The Community

Community Over Competition in Kansas City

April 5, 2017

Boutique fitness is booming right now. New studios are popping up around town every other week! How are you supposed to decide where to go and what to try? It’s overwhelming and confusing. No doubt that there are some incredible new workouts out making great claims about being “The best workout in the world” and “backed by science” to “transform your body.” And while physical results are key, people are really looking for more than just a killer workout. They need to identify and connect with the studio on a personal level in order to truly realize all of the amazing benefits that come with the billboard size claims. We need a sense of community!

The Bar Method in Kansas City has put community first from its inception in 2012. Hoddy Potter was the original owner and the heart and soul of the the community as well as the entire Bar Method organization. Before she passed from Lymphoma in December 2015, she set the “barre” high for what makes a studio community stand out amongst its competition. Hoddy partnered with Lizzy Rudd as her Director of Operations and together, they discovered when you combine fun, love and family you create a community!

Here are three examples of how they’ve fostered a special bond with their clients that will make your heart sing!

1. Have Fun

The Bar Method Kansas City hosts “bartini nights” at a local restaurant once per quarter with their clients, friends, and family. It’s a great outlet for the clients to have fun, get to know each other, and connect outside of the studio. Plus, it never hurts to indulge in a nice cocktail or glass of wine to celebrate your hard work together!

2. Show Your Love

We might not see many men taking barre class, however they sure do understand the impact barre has on their loved ones. Lizzy shared two adorable stories where her member’s husbands threw surprise birthday parties for their wives at The Bar Method. There were balloons, drinks, snacks, and plenty of fun snaps for Facebook! This is just one example of how the barre community reaches beyond its members and has a positive impact on the people around them. It doesn’t get much cuter than that!

3. Include The Kids

Having a kids club at the studio adds a cheerful element to the environment that authenticates the community in such a special way! The Bar Method Kansas CIty has had several members workout through multiple pregnancies to then watch their kids grow up right before their eyes in the kids club! Who knows, we might be seeing some of these “bar babies” grow up to be barre instructors some day?


What makes your barre community special? Leave a comment and let us know. Click here to find a studio near you and join their community today! Your barre family is waiting for you.