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Combine your passion for barre, health, and your community by opening a Bar Method franchise. Become a leader in the fitness movement while conquering your career goals.


Take your love for barre to the next level and make your passion your career.


Join our family of female entrepreneurs and unlock the freedom, flexibility and power of running your own business.


Change the lives of others in your community, inspiring them to find inner and outer strength and grace.


I love to do something that helps people grow and change and promotes health and wellness in a positive way in our community.

- Liz Fayed, Pasadena CA

I am energized by the day to day challenges of the business, my bright staff, and our amazing students.

- Amy Chesterson, Boulder CO

I'm humbled every day by the clients who show up to take class and tell me how their lives are so much better now that Bar Method is a part of it. They thank us all the time for opening the studio and it's just amazing!

- Lori Terry, Westfield NJ

Opening The Bar Method has given me many new, life changing relationships. I have also learned so much about myself and my ability to take on, handle, learn and teach myself whatever is needed to do to push forward and be successful.

- Karen Moreno, Orlando FL

I am proud to be a role model for my kids and show them that you can do something in life that you love. They see me working hard, but know that I'm happy! I feel very fulfilled, making a difference in so many people's lives.

- Danna Kriser, Highland Park IL

Bar Method gives me a stronger sense of self and community. When I decided to leave corporate America and pursue being an entrepreneur, Bar Method was the ONLY thing I wanted to do.

- Catherine James, Chicago IL

I love that we are helping women get stronger not only in their bodies, but in their minds. We have such an incredible, committed and supportive client base which makes it really fun to come to work each day.

- Melissa Ramsey, Bernardsville, NJ

When I found the Bar Method I found my home. I needed to contribute to my family's income and knew this was the perfect combination of my passion and my family's goals.

- Stephanie Norris, Naperville IL

Running a business truly for myself and being my own boss really wasn't something I expected to have in my lifetime and now that I have it, it’s hard to imagine my life any other way.

- McKenzie Howarth, Boston MA

Join our

Our team of studio owners are an elite group of entrepreneurs with diverse professional backgrounds, including lawyers, nurses, stay-at-home moms, teachers, financial analysts, and beyond. Each entrepreneur has joined our community to pursue their passion, run their own business, and to gain flexibility and work/life balance. All are leaders in their community and take pride in making a positive contribution to the lives of their clients, instructors and staff. Our owners are a tight-knit community of colleagues and close friends that learn from and provide ongoing support to one another.

Operate A Proven

Bar Method studio owners have the advantage of running their own business while employing a model with proven success. Franchisees benefit from the halo of this trusted and long-standing brand and its large footprint across the U.S. and Canada. The Bar Method business model offers multiple revenue streams including individual classes, recurring memberships, retail apparel and accessories. Many studio owners go on to open successful second and third locations.

Support from

We are committed to providing our owners with ongoing support to ensure success from day one and beyond. We guide them through the build-out process, including site selection, lease negotiation, construction, interior design, marketing and public relations. Owners and instructors receive in-person training to help them develop and hone their teaching skills. After the studio opens, we conduct regular conference calls, distribute frequent teaching notes, and provide additional coaching through on-site visits. All owners are invited to attend the annual Bar Method conference where owners come together with the Headquarters team to share, network, support, and inspire one another.


Training and ongoing teacher development is one of our core differentiators in the boutique fitness space which is why we require all of our owners to be certified instructors. Our program includes initial training, post training, ongoing evaluations and workshops to continually refine teaching skills. It begins with 7 days of initial training in San Francisco followed by 3-6 months of post training in your home location with the support of an assigned trainer. Studio owners serve as mentors for their own instructors and are instrumental in creating a close knit family of dedicated Bar Method instructors nationwide.


The Bar Method studios are warm, inviting and are designed to provide a haven in the community. Studios typically include a welcoming reception area with retail displays, a lounge area for students and staff to mingle before and after class, one or two spacious classrooms that have special flooring to exercises are safe and effective, and lockers and changing rooms that are often stocked with complimentary towels and beauty products. Some studios include showers and a separate playroom for childcare. Studio size ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet and are typically located in high traffic areas in both urban cities and suburban neighborhoods.


Our studio locations range from large metropolitan cities to smaller suburban communities. The Headquarters team works side-by-side with new franchisees to identify the right city, neighborhood and location, setting each studio up for success with high revenue potential and pairing it with the ideal client demographic. We continue to open successful studios in markets where the brand is established and also in new areas that do not currently have a Bar Method studio.

The Financial

The costs associated with opening a Bar Method studio ranges as the requirements vary from location to location. The initial investment includes the franchise fee, training expenses, equipment and inventory, construction fees, marketing costs and more. Our preferred financing partner ApplePie Capital works closely with our potential owners to help source and fund the opening of new studios through SBA loans and other lending sources.


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