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Graceful and Strong in the New Year: 10 Steps to Transformative Results

January 3, 2018

It’s no secret that during the month of January, people everywhere are reflecting on their personal goals for the year. Whether big or small, these often include fitness and health-related commitments — how to shed those holiday pounds, see more muscle definition, get more energy, and feel better about their overall health. This month, Bar Method studios are on a mission to transform your body in the new year and prove that our safe and effective technique will give you lasting, transformative results you can feel and see!

To kick-start your New Year resolutions and fitness goals, participating Bar Method studios are offering 2 weeks free for new clients and former clients (see promotion details for more info). And, of course, we’re excited to welcome back current clients and support their newly energized commitments. True transformation takes planning, persistence and perseverance. It’s a way of life that feels good on the inside and looks good on the outside!

Here are 10 steps to get you started on your path to a graceful and strong 2018:

1. Decide You’re Worth It

You first have to decide you’re worth transformative results and shift your mindset to believe it’s possible for you. Make 2018 your strongest year yet with a simple decision to get started!

2. Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s called the comfort zone because it’s quite comfortable being wrapped up in all of the excuses we tell ourselves on a daily basis. It’s impossible to transform your body from this place, so be brave and get moving!

3. Commit to a Routine

Start with what is realistic for you. Find a time of day that works with your schedule and start with 3 barre classes per week. As soon as you find the time, add in one or two more classes and commit to your new routine and path to transformation.

4. Set a Realistic Goal

Practice SMART goal setting. Set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals to set yourself up for success in achieving true transformation.

5. Be Patient

Let go of your ego and learn to love the process. There is typically a learning curve when you start something new and decide to make a change in your life. Be patient and kind with yourself throughout this process.

6. Celebrate the Little Victories

Reward yourself for little and big accomplishments along the way and then realize how that helps you achieve more!

7. Embrace the Challenges

It won’t be easy but it will be worth it! Embrace the challenges that come with change and remind yourself of why you started.

8. Engage With Your Barre Community

Get to know your instructors, studio owners and barre community. Ask questions before and after class, take the form workshops and engage with your fellow bar stars on social media. The more involved you are the more likely you will stick with the program and see the lasting results you set out to achieve.

9. Create a Wellness Plan

Set a plan to eat healthy, getting plenty of sleep, take a daily break from technology and participate in other activities that feed your soul.

10. Spread the Love

Share your love for barre with your friends. There’s nothing more rewarding and impactful than seeing the ones you love start on their own journey toward transformation. Schedule a class with a friend and be sure to bring new friends in with our “2 weeks free” offer! Click here to learn more details and see the participating studios.

We wish you luck and success with your 2018 resolutions!  


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