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New Moves, New Formats and Newly Found Abs in 2017

December 30, 2017

Next year The Bar Method will look to further innovate its exercises and improve the class experience to evolve the method you have grown to know and love! However, first let’s reflect back on the new formats, new moves, — and a result those newly found abs — that we rolled out at studios across the U.S. and Canada this year. Here are three ways The Bar Method technique went Beyond in 2017.

1. We created three fun variations to bring sexy shoulders back: 

Bent-Elbow Lifts Hammer Curl PressesThis variation sculpts the entire front of your arm! It carves the deltoids and the biceps simultaneously.

  • The Results: lean, toned arms and shoulders combined with the confidence of knowing you are stronger than ever.
  • Technique Tip: Hold your elbows a few inches away from your rib cage before you extend your arms fully to straight in the biceps curl position. Take it slow to feel the burn and maintain good form

Shoulder Rotations: This fun variation strengthens the rotator cuff making it not only a great sculpting exercise, but also an effective exercise for preventing injury in your shoulder joint.  

  • The results: Strong arms, a sexy back, and safe joints.
  • Technique Tip: Draw your elbows behind your waist as much as you can before you begin to rotate your out to a lat pull position to effectively target your shoulders and back with the most amount of resistance.

Bent-Elbow Lifts Twists: This new variation gives the basic bent-elbow lifts it’s groove back! Now not only will your shoulders be on fire, but we expect you will be asking us why your obliques are sore the next day.

  • The results: Targets your back, shoulders and waist all while training your core to support the back through movement.
  • Technique Tip: Keep your hips and your lower body still and twist only from your waist. Move slow, but not too slow. You’ll want to stay on the 2-count beat to keep up with the instructor and be ready for any new choreography he/she introduces.

2. We introduced new formats in Bar Move and Bar Express to keep things fresh, fast, and designed to maximize flow.

Bar Express: We now have three different formats to mix things up in Bar Express, our 45-minute version of the classic mixed level class. Each format presents the thigh and seat exercises in a slightly different order to give you variety and keep your mind and body guessing.  This class is best for students looking for a full-body workout but happen to be short on time. It’s meant to supplement your routine when you can’t make it to the full-hour class or are just looking to change it up.

Bar Move: Our remixed, fast-paced, heart-pumping barre class just moved into a new category of crazy in all of the best ways! The choreographic options for the instructors to choose from are endless! We started splitting up sides of seat exercises with leg exercises and moving in and out of curl throughout the hour. We may even sneak in an extra set of push-ups when you’re least expecting it.  As if this hour flew by before? With these new options, you will be surprised at how quickly you find yourself clapping and thanking yourself for working so hard!

3. The Bar Method was all about abs in 2017 with a new series of abdominal exercises that seem to target the abdominals deeper than any other curl exercise in our method.

We first got a taste of this new curl direction when “floor core” was introduced to Bar Express late last year. The “Flat-Back Curl Series” takes it to a new level by opening up the choreographic options to allow instructors flexibility to teach it in all formats and to all levels! The flat-back curl series is fairly easy to execute and only requires one small mat. Therefore less hassle with less props and as a result more time to work in the muscle. We love this new alternative to the classic curl sets, and especially when it’s mixed into an unexpected part of class (eh hem: Bar Move). Here are a few of the incredible benefits from the flat-back curl series. 

Mobilizes the lower back

Trains fluidity of movement

Improves scapular stability

Improves core control and support

Improves hip mobility


Now tell us…what was your favorite new move of 2017?  And, what would you like to see more of in 2018?  

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