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September 30, 2018

The Bar Method offers 4 class formats each developed to address the specific needs of our wide range of clients. Each barre class provides students with a full-body workout delivered in a different arrangement and energy. You’ll discover there’s something for every barre enthusiast, whether you’re still learning the basics in The Bar Method, pushing your boundaries in Bar Move, or fitting in Bar Express during your lunch break. We understand the needs of our clients fluctuate and therefore have designed our core classes with you in mind at the different stages of your Bar Method journey and lifestyle.

Keep reading to learn more about each of our class offerings:

Bar Method

Our classic format designed to help you lose inches by burning fat and sculpting lean muscles. Students of all levels work within their individual limits while receiving encouragement to continually push forward. It’s purposeful sequence of strong-but-subtle movements followed by active stretches requires both grace and grit. While each class is unique, Bar Method follows a consistent sequence to work the right muscles in the proper order to maximize results. Our founder, Burr Leonard attributes this order to amazing results for students. She says, “The Bar Method sequence gives you the quick results, amazing so many students because it arranges its exercises strategically; then it targets muscles with precision, multiplying the benefits you get from every moment of class.”

Bar Advanced

Ask more from your muscles during this elevated version of our signature Bar Method class. This class proves that you don’t have to do more reps to see more results. This accelerated sequence of thigh and seat work, matched with a faster pace, and more intricate choreography will challenge even the most experienced barre enthusiasts to push the limits of their inner and outer strength. Burr explains, “Unlike aerobics classes, The Bar Method is form-based. For that reason, Bar Advanced is limited to students who have mastered the basic form and skills. We therefore require that Bar Advanced students have taken a certain number of regular Bar Method classes. This rule enables teachers of Bar Advanced to streamline the set-ups and positioning, freeing up time to infuse the workout with more variety and challenge.” You’ll maximize the fat-burning benefits of barre and leave with a deeper mind-body connection.

Bar Move

This class is less strength focused and more aerobic than any of our other barre classes. We keep students moving non-stop until 40 minutes into class when they get a long stretch, before they jump right back into more movement. Our founder, Burr Leonard says “It’s great for more adventurous students who thrive on not knowing what’s coming next.” The unexpected choreography and unpredictable sequence will sculpt your body and sharpen your mind. Consider this your ultimate detoxifier and endorphin rush.

Bar Express

Efficient yet effective. This class offers the fat-burning, and muscle-building benefits of barre in a slightly shorter class format. If 45 minutes is all you have to give, we’ll make the most of it with this full-body sculpting class. However the question remains, what are you going to do with the extra 15 minutes in your day? All levels are welcome and encouraged to take this class because busy is no excuse to your body. We asked our founder Burr what her weekly barre class schedule looks like, and she had this to say, “Currently, I am taking two Bar Method classes and one Bar Express class a week. While recovering from a dance injury, I find myself loving the two full-length barre workouts during the week and the shorter, faster express class for a burst of energy and added variation on Saturday mornings.”

As you can see, we offer four different classes to safely and effectively meet every body’s abilities and goals. Our signature Bar Method (60 min.) class is great for anyone looking for a fat-burning transformation. Our Bar Advanced (60 min.) workout challenges experienced barre enthusiasts to push the limits of their inner and outer strength. Our Bar Move (60 min.) class uses fast footwork to keep cardio-lovers’ hearts pounding and minds guessing. And our Bar Express (45 min.) class enables on-the-go-getters to pack a full-body workout into a shorter class format. Visit our website or check with your local studio for class times and any requirements.

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