Summer Activities to Get the Family Moving

July 22, 2019

Take a moment to think back to your childhood. How did you spend your summer days? Did you bury your brother in the sand at the beach, or play soccer with your neighbors? We are guessing that no matter how you spent your summer, it didn’t involve handheld electronics. We live in a world where not only do we depend on electronics ourselves, but our children do too. This summer, we encourage you to gather your family together, set the electronics aside, and spend some time getting active. Keep reading for a few fun ways to get the family up, out, and moving this summer:

Go on a hike

Explore your city with your family by going on a hike! Whether it’s a hike throughout your local park, or braving through a steep hillside, there are plenty of hiking options varying in difficulty, no matter where you are located. Hikes allow you to get your heart rate up, while enjoying your family’s company and taking in the beauty that surrounds you. If you find a gorgeous backdrop while exploring, don’t forget to take a photo in your favorite barre pose and post on social using #wheredoyoubar.

Take a Bar Method class

We tried providing a list of activities without including The Bar Method, but we couldn’t help ourselves. It’s the best exercise around! Whether it’s finally signing your husband up for class after months of begging him to come, taking a Mommy & me class, or bringing your aunt and cousin in for their first class, our doors are always open for your family. The Bar Method provides a safe exercise environment, where beginners are encouraged to join us. Our highly trained instructors will make sure your family members are in the correct form in each exercise to ensure safety. While your family may be reluctant and nervous to try a class at first, they will be sure to thank you after!

Get wet & wild!

For many, the summer heat and humidity is not their friend. Don’t let this serve as an excuse to stay indoors. Keep cool with a water gun or water balloon fight instead! Pick up water balloons or water guns from your local market, throw on your bathing suits, divide your family into teams, and get moving! The kids will absolutely love this fun outdoor activity & who doesn’t love to release a little competitive spirit?

Create an obstacle course

While this activity is supposed to be fun for the kids, we think you’ll have just as much fun with it. Head to the backyard or a local park and create your own obstacle course. Use hula hoops, jump ropes, cardboard boxes, and wooden planks to create the ultimate self-made playground. First one to finish gets to pick what’s on the menu for dinner!

Volunteer your time

Nothing feels greater than giving back, so explore ways you can give back to your community in an active way! Gather the family and head to the beach for a beach clean-up, or walk around the neighborhood and encourage your neighbors to recycle. For volunteer opportunities near you, check this website.

So how will you choose to get your family moving this summer? Do you have any ideas to share with us? Visit our Instagram and share your ideas in today’s post!

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