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Why I Love The Bar Method vs. Other Barre Studios

If you take one glance at her Instagram, it is undeniable that The Bar Method client Kayla Kleinman knows a thing or two about fitness. Today, Kayla tells her story about why she is hooked on The Bar Method, and why she chooses The Bar Method over its competitors.

As a fitness blogger and instagrammer I’ve made it a point to try just about every fitness class in NYC: the bizarre combination of a spin class that’s underwater, a dizzying aerial yoga class, and over a dozen different barre classes throughout the city.

The truth is, I never loved barre classes. The moves felt awkward in my body — I’m not very flexible despite being a yoga teacher. I always felt unsure about my form and worried I was going to hurt myself as a result. I figured barre classes and me were just not meant to be.

All of that changed after I took my first class at The Bar Method two summers ago. At the time my body was craving low-impact movement. I had run the NYC Marathon a few months prior. Before the marathon I was all about the high intensity fitness classes and thought if I didn’t sweat (or feel like I was going to puke) it wasn’t a real workout. After the marathon I had no desire to push my body like that anymore, nor did I want to force myself to.

A friend of mine was obsessed with The Bar Method and raved about it all the time. I decided why not try it and see what the fuss is about.

During that first Bar Method class I noticed a few key differences that separated The Bar Method from all the other barre classes I had taken over the years:

The Hands-On and Verbal Adjustments

Within the first 5-minutes of my first class I learned that The Bar Method is all about the hands on and verbal adjustments. Throughout class my instructor came over to correct my posture. She’d call me out by name to both praise me when I had good form and also correct things I was doing wrong. Which let’s be honest was A LOT of things in my first class.

I was impressed with the attention to detail and had never experienced something like that before in a group fitness class. Nothing got past her hawkeyes and there was no room for poor form, slacking or giving up in the middle of a set.

I left feeling confident and safe that with the helpful adjustments from the instructor my form was spot-on.

Instructors Get To Know You

Before my first class my instructor really took the time to learn my name and if I had any injuries. This level of interaction isn’t just for newbies though, whenever I take class with a new-to-me instructor they take the time to learn my name (and will use it in class!) and learn if I have any injuries. The most amazing thing: the instructors are incredible at remembering your name. Seriously, how do they do it?

After taking a number of classes with the same instructors they’ve really gotten to know me. And they’re not afraid to call me out when I drop to my knees during push-ups because they know I’m strong enough to do them on my feet!

Low-Impact but Effective

Despite being a low-impact workout (no burpees or jumping jacks here!) I was shocked by what a thorough total body workout the class was. We worked every major muscle group to fatigue (and then some!) leaving me just the right amount of sore. I realized then that you don’t need to be sweating buckets or doing burpees in order to get a full-body workout.

Lots of Modifications offered

Throughout class a ton of modifications are offered, whether you’re pregnant, dealing with an injury or a newbie to the class.

I learned firsthand just how many modifications and variations there are for injuries when I was dealing with my own injury — a hip impingement thanks to something I tweaked while teaching my own fitness class. The instructors took SUCH good care of me during this time and checked in throughout class to offer modifications for my hip.

 After taking my first class I was hooked and started going class once a week on Fitreserve. As time went I craved more and decided to join Club Bar at the Williamsburg studio. I really mean this when I say I never thought I’d be the kind of person that takes barre classes 3-5 times a week — I was previously the queen of bootcamps and spin classes afterall. But now I’m all about The Bar Method and it’s the class I look forward to taking each and every time I go.

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