New York City - Soho


We are deeply sorry that this location can no longer remain open and we want to thank you for being a client of The Bar Method.

If you have an unused or outstanding package that was still active as of when the studio closed on May 21, 2018, The Bar Method Corporate will be honoring these and providing a refund. The refund may be prorated based on either how many sessions or time remaining in depending on the type of package. We will be sending your refund in the form of a check. Please contact us by filling out the form at Please include your name, email, and mailing address where we should send your refund. We will respond and confirm your refund with you before sending a check.

Again, we apologize that this location closed. We hope this helps resolve your dispute with the studio and we welcome you to check out our other locations. We will have one opening on the Upper West Side of Manhattan soon and are looking to add more locations in New York City.


The Bar Method Corporate

155 Spring Street 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10012