Common Modifications

We all encounter injuries from time to time. With The Bar Method, you can still get a great workout by implementing our carefully designed modifications under the guidance of our highly-trained instructors. 


BACK Issues

If you have back issues, try some of these tips.

  • Do pushups and plank on your knees.
  • Avoid waterski thigh and knee-dancing.
  • Keep torso slightly higher in fold-over.
  • Choose diagonal Seat instead of arabesque.
  • Lean more diagonally forward in pretzel or place forearm on the floor or riser.
  • Support your back with more riser support in curl work.


You may be nursing a hamstring injury or simply born with less flexible hamstrings. Try these tips to care for your tight hamstrings.

  • Use the stall bar during stretch at the bar.
  • In thigh, stay higher in second position.
  • In kneeling seat, place 2 risers and a small mat under your non-working knee.
  • In bent knee choreography, listen to your hamstrings and only bend your knee to a point of comfort.
  • In round-back, try sitting lower on the wall and keep a small bend in your knee.


Shoulder issues can be a long recovery, if you have shoulder issues, use these tips in class:

  • Avoid hanging on the stall bar.
  • Perform any weight work with light or no weights.
  • Do pushups leaning diagonally into the bar.
  • Resist raising your room side arm up in thigh.
  • Modify chair and waterski positions.
  • Perform fold-over and arabesque at the stall bars where you can place your hands on a lower rung.

WRIST Issues

If you have wrist issues try using these tips in class:

  • Avoid using weights in weight work.
  • In pushups, place hands on a riser or heavy weights.
  • Modify table top and spider plank with regular plank.
  • Modify chair and waterski positions.
  • Use straps for flat-back and round-back.
  • Avoid floor zinger and zinger.

HIP FLEXOR Sensitivity

If you have hip flexor sensitivity you may want to modify positions where your hip is in a flexed position:

  • In flat-back sit on many risers and use straps at the stall bar.
  • In high curl, low curl and kickstand curl choose to place your feet in a diamond position.
  • In thigh, modify chair, lunges and leg lifts.
  • Lengthen your legs some when you are in seated positions like reverse pushups.
  • Avoid spider plank and spider pushups.
  • Lessen your tuck in waterski and standing seat positions.

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