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Instructor Stories

What I love most about being a Bar Method instructor is facilitating opportunities for people to feel empowered and strong; to welcome challenge and embrace their inner and outer strength!!

- Laura Schuchardt, Marin

Being a Bar Method instructor, I have the promise of continuous teacher education and the delivery of safe, smart and effective exercises from a top-notch brand.

- Kathy Costello, Madison

I've never dedicated so much of myself, cared so much or grown as much as I have with The Bar Method. I feel like I have a PH. D in the method. It has made me a more confident person in and out of the classroom. I would be lost without it.

- Jen Hertsenberg, SF Marina

The warmth the community brings to do your best is something magnetic, never intimidating, and it has never lost that for me over the many years I have taught.

- Mason Glenn, Los Angeles

Being a Bar Method teacher means I am a part of an elite team of individuals committed to upholding excellence.

- Lauren Johnson, Southlake

Being a Bar Method instructor gives me the opportunity to inspire and motivate students while making them feel part of the Bar Method community. My favorite part is building relationships with our clients and celebrating their successes, both inside and out of the studio.

- Alyson Small, Closter

Teaching at The Bar Method has allowed me to be a part of people's story, of their journey. I celebrate the victories my students have on a daily basis, no matter how big or small. We have become family, and what bigger gift can there be than that.

- Nikki Rifkin, Brentwood

Going through 6 months of rigorous training, learning anatomy as well as the actual method, I realized just how accomplished the instructors were. Poised and elegant, swiftly moving from one client to the next, adjusting them to perfection. I had to be one of them.

- Cat Ro, Englewood

Being a Bar Method teacher has changed my life because I love being able to motivate, inspire and connect with this community of amazing women. Plus, the headset makes me feel like Britney Spears.

- Marisa Sgroi, Hoboken

Best-In-Class Training

Our rigorous training program lasts 3-6 months and includes thorough in-studio training, post-training practice, ongoing teacher exams and workshops. We’ll ensure you are equipped to lead and inspire students of all ages and ability levels.


Get 1:1 coaching, guidance and encouragement from your local studio staff as well as ongoing support from our national training department. We have a robust set of online training tools including manuals, videos and more.

Practice Makes Perfect

You will complete a thorough training schedule, get lessons on anatomy and exercise modifications, practice teaching and take written tests to learn the method and prepare for certification.

How To Become An Instructor

  • 1 Contact your local studio to find out if they are hiring
  • 2 Audition with the studio owner
  • 3 Get in-depth training to learn everything about our method
  • 4 Practice, practice, practice
  • 5 Pass the certification requirements
  • 6 Become an instructor and start changing lives!


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