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Baltimore – Locust Point

Anthem House. 900 East Fort Avenue, Suite 107
Baltimore, MD 21230


Redefining strength since 2001

For two decades, The Bar Method has been building stronger bodies with challenging barre workouts that infuse power into every movement. Each exercise is meticulously designed to transform your body through high-repetition, low-impact resistance training. With elements of Pilates, yoga and other strength training workouts fused into a ballet-inspired barre workout, you will experience unthinkable flexibility, total-body definition, and metabolism-boosting endurance that lasts long after class.

20+ Years Strong

Millions of Classes Taught

Billions of Muscles Burned

Barre classes that are designed and proven to kick your ass and tone it, too.

This is not just another barre workout—we barre differently and that's a good thing. The interval format of each class is designed to elevate your heart rate while building cardiovascular and muscle endurance. While each barre class is unique, you can always count on a personal training experience within a high-energy group fitness environment. Your body, your barre workout. No two classes are alike at The Bar Method, and it's in that unpredictable variety where transformation happens. Class formats vary in duration, design and experience so be sure to check out your studio's class offerings.