What to

Week 1

You may start to feel muscle soreness...in a good way! All of this is new, and it’s natural for your muscles to let you know that they’ve been working hard. Stay motivated.

Week 2

Class feels more challenging on some days than others. You may start shaking now in thigh. Listen to the form tips from the instructor. Better form = faster results. An increased awareness of your posture.

Week 3

Your body starts to feel more toned and stronger. Taking 4 classes a week puts you in the peak zone. You may notice improvements in your flexibility thanks to the stretches woven throughout every class.

Week 4

Now you have created a healthy Bar Method habit. You will start to notice an increase in balance, coordination and endurance in your every day. Many students see more definition in their arms and legs.

Week 5

You will visibly notice muscle definition. Your clothes may start to fit differently...in a good way!

*Results and expectations can vary on everybody



Angelica Rains

The Bar Method - San Francisco, Marina

The Bar Method has changed me in multiple ways.  I am addicted.  There is something about it that really motivates you and also helps you to relax.  I would describe it as a combination of Yoga and Pilates but much more intense.  I have worked out my entire life and have moved from one routine to another.  I could not believe how challenging it was for someone like me that has worked out her entire life.  After a few months, my body changed dramatically.  I even had a friend notice how my ‘backside' had changed.  My body feels hard for the first time and I just feel so much stronger.  My pant size hasn’t changed but my pants look completely different.  AND your posture becomes so much better too!



The Bar Method - West Hollywood

Attending the Bar Method is threefold for me.  I see it as a mind, body, spirit experience.  I feel sharper mentally after pushing myself physically and working on balance for an hour.  I love the surprise I see on people's faces when I tell them I have had 4 children.  I feel confident in jeans and even a bathing suit for the first time in many years.  I am always happier after going to a class because the environment is friendly, clean and professional. Most of all I have come to appreciate the instructors.  They challenge me in every single class.  They are inspiring and funny but underneath it all is a seriousness about wellness and respect for your body that I haven't found in any other class.  What can I say? I'm hooked.



The Bar Method - Kansas City

I love Bar Method because it has made me a happy and healthier person -- no matter where I am living or traveling at that moment. I love knowing that I will have a great workout and that I will be greeted by a "Bar Method family" smile in each and every studio. I stay committed to Bar Method wherever I am because it has literally changed my life. It is the first workout I can -- and want to -- do on a consistent basis that shows physical results (toned abs and arms, 20 pounds lost in 1.5 years, two pants sizes dropped) but also leaves me feeling refreshed and mentally relaxed at the end of the hour -- each and every time.

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