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Finding Community in The Bar Method: Tara’s Bar Method Story

January 25, 2023

Tara has been a member of The Bar Method Bernardsville since March 2013. In the time she’s been a part of this studio community, she’s completed over 580 classes! Prior to joining The Bar Method, Tara had been taking spin classes and running as a way to prepare for triathlons. She had heard about the benefits of core training for bike riding, and someone mentioned that she should try out The Bar Method. They told her it was a great way to strengthen her core, but little did she know it would become so much more! “I never had defined arm muscles so the idea that I could get carved muscles was enticing to me. A friend and I would come to the Bernardsville studio before we went to spin classes,”. About three years ago, Tara went on a health program and decided to drop the second workout and focus on becoming stronger at the barre. She wanted to continue to lean out, carve, and strengthen her body in a way only The Bar Method can.  

When it comes to the impact Bar Method has had on Tara’s life, she spoke about the amazing women within the studio that became real friends outside of class. “The studio is such a welcoming environment where everyone is incredibly supportive of each other,”. One of the most unique parts about joining The Bar Method that we truly love is the community aspect. Each and every one of our studios is its own little family that supports and motivates one another to become their best barre selves.  

The Bar Method is so much more than just a fitness space. When asked about what her studio means to her, Tara stated, “The Bar Method is a workout that never gets easier. You can push yourself to do different challenge options during certain exercises to further increase your heart rate, but you don’t have to take those options. It’s a wonderful community of people of all sizes and all ages, from high school students to women in their 60s and up.”  

The magic of The Bar Method doesn’t stop there. When asked what makes The Bar method community special, Tara said “It’s a warm, inviting environment where the instructors and people at the front desk know you by name and genuinely want you to get the best experience out of every class.” Tara stated that the amazing people she’s met at the studio are what make all the difference. Both the instructors and clients encourage one another to continue showing up and working hard every session at the barre. 

Her advice to someone just starting out with barre is simply this, “Be open to letting the instructors help you. They help me, too, and I have been going for almost ten years. They do this to ensure your posture is correct and that you are working the right muscles. And it’s good that it never gets easier. Each time you come; you know you are getting an incredible workout”. 

Take it from Tara, the community at The Bar Method is truly something special. From the instructors that care about your success to the other members that encourage you every step of your journey, The Bar Method supports the pursuit of a stronger sense of self, inside and out. Thinking about trying Bar Method? Find your community here. We can’t wait to see you at the barre!