West Hollywood

8416 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048


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The Bar Method West Hollywood is a boutique fitness studio offering barre classes for students of all levels. The signature method uses your own body weight, the ballet barre and a few props to create a transformative workout that results in long, lean sculpted muscles. Not only does it reshape your entire body, but it allows you to channel your inner strength and leave class feeling strong, confident and poised. Highly-trained instructors customize the exercises to ensure they are safe and effective for any age and every body, including modifications for pregnant women and students with injuries. Our staff and community are here to support you from the moment you walk through the door.

THE STUDIO ON WEST 3RD ST IS OPEN with 26 classes per week! Master Teachers guide you through a challenging and worthwhile workout to carve muscle, burn fat, lift your mood, and get you fit fast We are ALSO on Zoom with another 31 Interactive, Live classes a week. You can keep your camera on or off, but if it's on, you'll get tips and encouragement from your Master Teacher!

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