A Bar Method Client & Veteran Highlight

November 10, 2018

The Bar Method prides itself in being a workout that is for EVERYONE. So whether you are a new mom, a 50 year-old woman, or a military veteran, The Bar Method is for you. When you think of The Bar Method, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not a war veteran, but our client Stephen Rowley begs to differ. Stephen is a client at The Bar Method Fresno studio, a father of two-year-old Anabelle, and a nurse in a local hospital. In honor of Veterans Day, we asked Stephen about his experience in the war and how he has found peace at The Bar Method. Let’s see what he had to say:


Describe your military background.

I have close to 15 years of military service. I have served in the California Army National Guard and am currently a Medical Officer in the US Air Force Reserves. I am also an Iraq War Veteran. I was initially in the infantry and later became a Special Forces Medic.

What brought you to The Bar Method?

My wife brought me to the Bar Method. I bought her a new-client package as a Christmas gift; she fell in love with the workout and told me I should try it out.

How often do you take Bar Method class?

Currently, I take class three to four times per week. My goal is to try to go, consistently, four to five times per week.

What do you love most about The Bar Method?

What I love about The Bar Method it exercises the mind and body at the same time. No class is the same, and it is always challenging. Every instructor that I’ve had helps me get in the best form I can during class. The thing I love the most are the different stretches featured throughout the class. During Bar Method class, I’ve learned stretches that I never knew about prior, and it has really helped to improve my posture and decrease the pain I often get in my lower back, probably a result of some of my military training.

How has your military background helped you in The Bar Method class?

Throughout my military career I have been trained to push the pain and be mentally tough. One thing The Bar Method requires people to do is to learn how to push through what is temporary pain for a greater end. “Fold-over” is one of the most challenging exercises for me; I really have to concentrate to get through the pain and try to stay in good form.

Would you recommend The Bar Method to other veterans?

I recommend Bar Method to all veterans because it’s a program that produces excellent outcomes and visible results. I have never felt so strong and mentally tough in my life. What’s great about the Bar Method is that even though veterans have gone through various types of physical training, this is something that will feel completely new, but equally (if not more) challenging. It is great for any fitness level.

The Bar Method thanks Stephen and all of our veterans for their service. We are so grateful that we are able to provide a workout that is mentally and physically challenging enough for a soldier. We encourage you to thank the veterans in your life for their service and bring them to a Bar Method class soon!