The Method

Common Form Errors & How to Fix Them

April 29, 2019

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a workout thinking about what you need to get on your next Target run? For many of us, our workouts are a time to escape these thoughts and focus on ourselves for an hour. Luckily at The Bar Method, our classes are designed to leave no room for outside thoughts. This workout requires 100% attention and a deep mind-body connection. Whether you are a Bar Method devotee, or on your third class, you must be in the present and fully aware of what your body is doing in order to maintain correct form and truly feel the benefits of the movements. In today’s blog, we are sharing four exercises where we commonly see form imperfections and provide tips on how you can make small adjustments to make these exercises even more effective. Let’s get started!


Flat-back is one of the most challenging exercises at The Bar Method, so it’s simple to see why it is one of the most difficult exercises to get right. This exercise is strategically placed before curl-work so that you can get a quick jolt to your heart rate before moving to the floor. We often hear from students that they are unable to lift their feet, which would increase their heart rates and challenge their abdominals more. If this is you, try sitting on as many risers as you need to lift your feet. They can be the secret tool for making this exercise more aerobic and powerful by lifting your feet. If you feel like your head is close to the bar, try sitting at the tall bar or stall bar to give yourself some more room when using risers. Give these tips a try next class, and live in that moment of pride as you see your heels rise from the floor.


Round-back might not win the class vote for ‘most popular’,  but there are few tricks for making this exercise more comfortable and the L-shape more doable. Next time you are in round-back, ensure that you are sitting low enough on the mat. Your back should be at a diagonal to the wall and you should be able to drop your navel. Sitting lower on the mat will allow your leg to come higher more comfortably. Lifting your leg to an optimal height will also keep your hips safe and happy. If your top leg is straight and vertical, perhaps try out the L-shape and extend your bottom leg forward and above the floor. The L-shape will increase your heart rate and amp up the burn you feel in your abdominals. Summer is coming, so give this core carver a second chance and keep these tips in mind next class.

One-weight lifts

If you’re looking to add definition to your arms, one-weight lifts is a necessity. One-weight lifts is an explosive exercise that sculpts and elongates your whole body, but the form on this full-body burner can be hard to perfect.  Next time you are in one-weight lifts, check out your profile in the mirror next to you. Elongate your spine and square your shoulders to ensure that you are making your back, abdominals and shoulders do the heavy lifting. If your back is rounded, try shortening your stance and lifting your torso slightly higher to allow your back to flatten. Soon enough, you will be checking the mirror to admire your shoulder definition, rather than using it to perfect your form!


Fold-over is one of those exercises that you might groan about at first, but you will feel so glad you did it after! Fold-over is so effective because it works your supporting leg just as much as your working leg while also increasing your heart rate. It also strengthens your back and abdominals. When in fold-over, ensure that your torso is at least slightly higher than horizontal to force your posture muscles and abs to kick in and support your upper body. This will also make your standing hip flexors feel more comfortable. If you feel this in your shoulders, try out the stall bar! It allows you to hold on lower so that you take your shoulder joints out of the exercise. Move & find that spot quickly, because the secret is out now!

At The Bar Method, we are all on a path to mastery. Even our most seasoned clients have to stay present in class to ensure their form stays in tip top shape. So join us for a class, keep these pointers in mind, and watch your body get stronger, one adjustment at a time.