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Do You Dare? A Cliff Diver’s Story About Inner Strength

October 31, 2017

“In 2013 my friend dared me to apply for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Of course I couldn’t turn down a dare! Long story short, I became a cliff diver, But not a very strong one. A different friend recommended I try The Bar Method. She said it would help strengthen the muscles I needed for my sport. I told her I wasn’t a fan of working out in groups, so then she dared me just to take one class. Again, I couldn’t turn down the dare. And that was it – One class – I was addicted.

Initially I started going to build my physical strength. I was amazed how the tiniest movements could strengthen my body and give a cardio workout all at the same time. My core was stronger then ever, even to the point of sustaining fewer injuries while diving.

After months of corrections from my instructors (I’m a slow learner) and hundreds of classes to figure out proper technique, I realized that not only was I infatuated with the Bar Method for the physical aspect, but also for the mental strength I was gaining. It taught me that my mind is stronger then I ever could have imagined! This new mental strength carried over into my Cliff Diving too. Cliff Diving is a very mental sport. The mental strength I gain from the Bar Method helps me overcome those sneaky little tricks my mind tries to play on me while I am standing on a cliff that is 72ft. high.

Now after four years of trying to be a “Bar Babe” I get asked, “what is it that I love so much about the bar method?” My reply – every woman (and man) who DARES themselves to become stronger by showing up to class. I am inspired by the strength in each one of you!”

Thank you Bar Method! You are my sanctuary!

-Ginger Huber, Red Bull Cliff Diver

*Photo Credit: Dean Treml