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Grippy Socks – We Salute You!

June 3, 2018

In this post we’d like to salute the unsung hero of barre – the grippy socks. Grippy socks provide the comfort and stability needed to effectively hold pliès and relevès in barre class, as well as provide a hygienic barrier between your feet and the studio floor. However, our love for this cute accessory goes much deeper…Here are the reasons you’ll never find us without a pair of grip socks:

1. No More Slipping:

This is the number one function of the infamous grippy socks. It’s already challenging to hold some of the poses you encounter in a barre class, so why compound that with additional instability furnished by wearing regular socks? You need a good grip to stay in good form! Depending on the style of the socks, the rubber grip will run the length of your foot helping you hold the position whether you’re working with flat feet or on the balls of your feet. Focus on your technique and free yourself from slipping!

2. Stretch Comfortably at the Barre:

Ever wonder what that little pad of extra material that rests along your ankle is for? In addition to helping keep your socks on your foot, this little pad conveniently provides cushion for your ankle and Achilles tendon when you rest it on the barre for the stretch. Enjoy a more effective and comfortable stretch in your glutes, hamstrings, and calves with this handy extra padding between you and the barre.

3. Built-in Motivation:

The market is exploding with styles upon styles of grippy socks. Our favorites are the ones that serve up a little extra motivation by way of sayings like “focus,“stay strong,” and “shake it.” This little whisper of inspiration from your most trusted barre companion is very much appreciated when the temptation arises to pull out of the muscle. Just keep going!

4. Double as House Slippers:

The thick, cozy feel of the socks make them an easy choice to wear around the house too! Who needs house slippers when you can throw on a pair of your grip socks to keep your feet warm at home? Honestly, they are so comfortable you aren’t going to want to take them off, but you are going to want a few extra pairs. Treat yourself to one of our new spring styles here!