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Meet a Bar Star: Jen, Bar Online Student

October 29, 2016

One of the best things about Bar Method is that class is based on of exercises that you can do nearly anywhere. Knowing how valuable this can be, we’ve built Bar Online for students who want to keep up with a workout routine while away from their home studio — as well as for students who don’t live close enough to a physical Bar Method location to try an in-class experience. From 20-minute targeted mini classes to a full 60-minute class, Bar Online offers classes with instructors who will get your energy levels up and keep you moving for the entire session — just as if you were with them at the studio!

This month’s Bar Online success story comes from Jen, a regular student who wanted to keep up with class while on vacation. She says, “I’m in Florida this week and Bar Online has made my workout routine seamless and fun. This is an annual trip for my family and each year I keep my workouts going, but with a lot of effort. In the past, I really had to push myself to do another DVD, drive an hour and a half to the Tampa studio to take a class. I needed more variety to keep me going for 7-10 days than the DVDs (which are amazing workouts) alone offered. My partner, Jenn M., is much better than I am at pushing herself outside of the class than I am.”

She continues, “This week, I’ve been excited to take Bar Online. I look forward to doing a new workout or repeating a favorite. I even got my sister, who has “taken a break”, to workout with me. My husband, who takes classes as a complement to his other triathlon training, joined once too (using lamps for bicep curls – I will take a picture next time). I feel very motivated by the interactive style of the instruction and the class format. I push myself as hard as I do in class and still drink water a few times during transitions, just as I do in class, but laugh when Jen H. says, “put down your water.” I also feel sore and invigorated as I do after a class or DVD (still love the Super Sculpting duo!) She concludes, “I am feeling grateful for my family, vacation time, The Bar Method and now, Bar Online.”

We’re grateful for you too, Jen!

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