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The Bar Method’s Top 5 Transforming Secrets

May 21, 2019

If I asked you why The Bar Method is so good at changing bodies, you might answer that it’s an intense and targeted workout, and you’d be correct! What you may not be as aware of is its many other body-transforming abilities. In this blog, I will reveal five less-talked-about features of The Bar Method workout that are key to giving you the body you are working towards.

1. It is expressly designed to give you a dancer’s body

The Bar Method builds firm but graceful-looking muscles by challenging you to a large number of reps against moderate resistance. In contrast, many weight-work routines bulk up muscles by giving students a small number of reps against highly loaded resistance. The Bar Method also combines dance-like, muscle-elongating movements with targeted muscle isolations, a mix that produces quick results.

2.  It allows you to work intensely because it is safe

Of course, working out safely prevents injury. But safe exercises have another advantage. They allow muscles to work deeply. When your body is being stressed in the wrong way, your muscles instinctively become protective and resistant to change. Safe exercises give your muscles permission to stay in the intense zone long enough for change to take place.

3. It improves your posture and alignment

As women continue to rise in the world, they are increasingly motivated to improve their posture. This change is easier said than done because our posture is deeply ingrained in us. Bar Method teachers help you improve your posture by reminding you to check your alignment during class and, when needed, by giving you gentle hands-on adjustments that enable you to feel the difference between your current stance and the one you want.

4. Its teacher training program produces unparalleled teachers

Take another strength class. Then, come to The Bar Method, and you will be struck by the difference in the way it is taught. Bar Method teachers stand out because they undergo months of rigorous training in technique, exercise physiology, observation, and communication and speaking skills before beginning to teach, and it shows. They instruct clearly, give you personal guidance and support, play music you can follow, count logically and on the beat, and, last but not least, keep their focus on you and your fellow students. Their focus on their students helps you to perfect your form, therefore delivering faster results.

5. It improves coordination

I’ve saved the most important Bar Method body-changing ingredient for last, which is its focus on precision. According to fitness experts, working on precision during exercise helps women learn to better connect to their muscles and thereby to work them more intensely. You might have seen women start at your studio with slack muscles, and a few months later say they are amazed that they have toned up for the first time in their lives. They found these great results at The Bar Method because, as they were struggling to “get” the form, they were building those neural pathways that enabled them to engage their muscles with more power and control. This goes to show that you don’t have to start The Bar Method with perfect form in order to change your body. All you need to do is to keep working on it.

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