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Why I Find Myself Coming Back to The Bar Method

April 22, 2019

The Bar Method is more than a place to workout. For most of our clients, it is a way of life. It is their obsession! Whether it be the warm and welcoming community, or the satisfaction of feeling stronger after every class, our clients find themselves coming back to the barre day after day, and year after year. Bar Method client and Fashion Blogger, Meg, is familiar with this feeling, and today she is sharing what keeps her coming back to the barre. Continue reading to find out:

I am definitely familiar with the barre, but not the same barre as The Bar Method. I grew up dancing. Ballet, pointe, jazz, you name a style, I danced it! Keeping my love for dance in mind, I decided to try classes at The Bar Method. Being at the barre felt very natural to me, however it definitely took me a few classes to get used to the flow and technique. I wanted to try Bar Method because I thought it would bring back that dancer technique that shaped my body in the first place. I was blown away by how quickly I toned up! I started out taking 2-3 classes a week, and after about 5 classes I felt comfortable with the flow of movement. After that “first time I’ve used those muscles” soreness wore off, I was officially hooked!

Tiny Dancer

I found myself craving Bar Method classes more and more, so I started going 4-5 times a week. In just 2 months my range of motion and flexibility was totally transformed. I felt like the tiny dancer in me was screaming “ you go girl!” With barre I’m able to target my upper and lower body at a slower pace but still manage to get my heart rate up with the strategic sequences. You don’t have to be a dancer to get through barre! My classes are always filled with a variety of women. Women who just had their first baby, runners looking to slow down, cardio lovers seeking to add definition to their physique, and women 50 + years old looking to rediscover their strength. Bar Method has no limits, you take it at your pace.

Home Away from Home

I’ve attended multiple studios in and around the Philadelphia area and I’ve never met a teacher I didn’t love! Every teacher has their own flow, but back dancing is always my favorite! I leave every class feeling motivated and a huge sense of accomplishment and strength. The best part is your never judged for how much or little you know! Coming from a dance background I was expecting a competitive environment walking into the studio, and that was the furthest thing from the truth. Every studio has a very welcoming feeling. It’s like a home away from home. The community I’ve built at The Bar Method is something I’m so grateful for. Between the fellow classmates to the teacher on the microphone encouraging you to stay low and TUCK! Bar Method really is more than just a place to workout!

The Lifestyle

After a number of classes, you realize you are starting to develop a new lifestyle! This new lifestyle consists of planning your days around giving yourself that 60 min barre break! For me it’s that point of the day that allows me to focus on me. It’s where I can decompress and allow myself to forget about all the to do lists, emails, and responsibilities and just focus on that inner strength. Bar Method reminds me that I am fearless, and motivates me to persevere through any and all pain. Bar Method has become a consistent part of my life and I truly can’t imagine it any other way! Having the community of other purpose driven women is so inspiring to be around on a daily basis. I highly recommend joining a Bar Method studio near you! Go on! Reap the physical and mental benefits with your Bar Method Tribe!

So whether you are trying to get your dancer body back, or looking for a community of like-minded women to surround yourself with, The Bar Method has a spot for you. Experience the same life-changing workout as Meg and book a class with us today!

About the Author

Meg, founder of Honest Twenty One, is a fashion blogger, fitness influencer, and Bar Method client. She founded Honest Twenty One to share her love for fashion & encourage others to grow their personal brands through social media.

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