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5 Bar Method Exercises You Can Do At Home

December 24, 2018

Let’s just start by stating the obvious…The Bar Method workouts are addicting! As you take more classes with us, you will find yourself craving your next barre class within hours of finishing your last. If you are traveling for the holidays and you’re wondering how you are going to get your workout in at the barre, there is no need to worry. We have Bar Method studios all around the US & Canada, but if you can’t make it to a studio near you during the holidays, we’ve created a guide with 5 of our favorite Bar Method exercises that you can do no matter where you are! So while that holiday ham is in the oven, throw on your favorite pair of grippy socks, and get to work.


The thought of doing pushups on your own time without an instructor telling you what to do might seem crazy, but we all have that same love/hate relationship with this Bar Method exercise. Pushups demand both mental and physical stamina and you won’t find a better choice for a total body workout. Pushups tone your pecs, shoulders, triceps, and biceps while strengthening your glutes, quads, abdominals and upper back muscles as they stabilize your body. While performing this exercise at home, remind yourself to keep your hips up and in line with the front of your ribs to protect your back. Earn yourself an extra holiday cookie by trying these on the balls of your feet for an increased challenge and burn.

Reverse Pushups

Reverse pushups are the icing on the cake for your upper body workout! This exercise sculpts the triceps, giving your arms definition and tone. To set up for this Bar Method burner at home, place your hands beneath your shoulders and turn your fingers slightly out. Lengthen your legs in front of you and bend your knees. Lift your seat an inch off the floor. Shift your weight back until you can feel your ribcage round between your upper arms. Tuck your seat slightly and bend forward at your waist. Bend your elbows one inch down and one inch up. After just a few reverse pushups the burn is going to kick in, but try to get through about 30 reps before releasing. When your family & friends tell you how toned your arms look in your holiday dress, you will know why!

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are the perfect at-home Bar Method exercise to build a quick sizzle in your quads! Start by finding a countertop, chair or stable surface to hold on to and get ready to work! Stand with your feet hips width apart and parallel. Place your non-working side hand lightly on your support and your other hand on your low waist. Soften your knees and bend slightly forward at your waist. Drop your shoulders. Use your thigh muscle to lift your working leg up to a height that is comfortable but also challenging for you. Lift your leg in a one inch motion up and down. Take a reset after 20 reps by lowering your leg back to the floor & repeat on both sides. Perform leg lifts to burn your quads, not your turkey this holiday season!


Fold-over is one of those exercises you hear your instructor say in class, and you have to take a deep breath, bracing yourself for what’s next. But this is how we know it is effective! Fold-over will increase your heart rate, burn off those holiday calories, and create definition between your hamstrings and glutes.To set-up for fold-over, come a comfortable arm’s length away from your support and draw your heels together, turn your toes out wide. Soften your knees and fold-over towards your support until your torso is about horizontal from the floor or slightly higher. Lift your working leg up until it is in line with your seat. Straighten your leg and lift it up inch and down an inch. Continue and switch sides after completing 40-60 reps. If you’re traveling somewhere chilly this holiday season, fold-over is the perfect way to warm up your entire body!

Floor Zinger

Give your seat some more love with a brief burst of power in floor zinger. Floor zinger is designed to firm your glutes in a similar way to fold-over, with an added challenge to your core. Start by coming down to your hands and knees. Place your hands under your shoulders or slightly wider. Straighten or soften your elbows depending on your comfort. Extend one leg behind you and lift it up in line with your glutes. Shift your leg several inches out to the side until you feel the side of your seat engage. Use the side of your seat to lift your leg up an inch and down an inch. We know our barre babes love a challenge, so try extending your opposite hand forward, and feel how that spikes your heart rate and your abdominal workout. Do about 30-40 reps and switch sides.

Take this guide with you as you travel for the holidays, but remember to enjoy and prioritize your time with your family first. We will be missing you as much as you miss us, and we can’t wait to see you back at the barre following the holidays. We wish you all a healthy, balanced, and happy new year!

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