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5 Things You Can Expect From Bar Restore

September 9, 2019

Bar Restore is a new class format created by The Bar Method that offers the perfect combination of tone & stretch. While all Bar Method class formats incorporate a significant amount of stretching into the workout, Bar Restore takes the stretching component of class to a deeper level. Most Bar Restore classes consist of 30 minutes of traditional Bar Method toning exercises, followed by at least 30 minutes of stretch. Today, we are going to help you understand the deeper benefits of stretching, and why you might just need some Bar Restore in your life. Here are 5 things you can expect from Bar Restore:

Feeling Satisfied

In Bar Restore, we do 30 minutes of fast paced barre exercises followed by deep stretching. You may ask yourself “is 30 minutes enough?” The answer is yes. The first 30 minutes are designed to heat up your body so your body is ready to stretch. This toning portion of class is designed to challenge you and require you to work at your peak. You will leave the entire class feeling completely worked out, yet satisfied.

It’s Personal

Before deciding to try Bar Restore, clients often ask, “what if I am not flexible?” One of the best parts of Bar Restore is that it is designed for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a dancer or a golfer, Bar Restore was designed for you. You do not need to be flexible to take Bar Restore and we won’t push you into a stretch. During class, you will notice the teachers reminding you over and over again to take your time & that stretching is not meant to be competitive. Bar Restore allows you to be present. Stretching is personal. It is just for you.

Improved REM Sleep

One very common benefit to Bar Restore is a deeper sleep. Through the action of opening up your body, longer breaths and taking time to be in a quiet environment many Bar Restore clients count on this class to give them a peaceful nights sleep. Not to mention you will wake up feeling refreshed after those hours of deep beauty sleep. Honestly, who doesn’t want more or better sleep?

Lower Stress Levels

Some believe that your body can feel your tension and stress, not just the mind. The specific deep stretches in Bar Restore are meant to release all that stress. Clients have described leaving class feeling like they are walking on a cloud & many take Bar Restore once a week to regulate their cortisol levels naturally.

Better Body Awareness

There is no better way to understand your body than taking the time to stretch. Deep stretch may help you realize that one side is tighter than the other, or that stretching your back has improved your posture. Many Bar Restore clients feel a deeper understanding of their body and take that knowledge to their other Bar Method classes & everyday activities!

Are you ready to deepen your mind & flexibility in Bar Restore? Find your nearest studio to book a class now.