It’s True! Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Your Fitness Routine

That time of the month, when your period makes an appearance, it’s very likely you’ve experienced one or all of the negative side …
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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! At Self Esteem Brands, we’re fully committed to supporting women’s rights initiatives and furthering the cause for much-needed change. …

Everything You Need to Know About Breast Self-Exams

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the ongoing effort to increase awareness of this prevalent disease worldwide. In honor of this annual …

The Myths of Modifications

The Bar Method is truly special in that it is infinitely adaptable to a range of abilities, conditions, and situations. Every human being …

5 Exercises to Reduce Back Pain and Strengthen the Back

Back pain can develop from a variety of reasons, including poor posture, weak core musculature, and/or improper body mechanics performed throughout the day. …

4 Reasons to be Proud of Yourself

“Treat yo-self”, but “work harder than you did yesterday”. Is anyone else confused by the conflicting messages we see on social media and …

Best Barre Exercises for Your Hamstrings

A term you often hear thrown around in the health and wellness industry is “balance.” We hear plenty of tips on how to …

5 Ways to Maximize Your Morning

Eating a pre-workout breakfast before a workout is always a good idea. Proper nutrition helps the body generate more energy for a workout …

Benefits of The Bar Method from a Physical Therapist’s Perspective

In today’s competitive world of fitness, it can be difficult to determine which workout is most effective and best for your body. While …

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