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How One Blogger Unleashed her Inner Power and Lost 100 LBS!

January 31, 2018

When up against a challenge, the easy way out is to doubt yourself and turn away from what’s in front of you. Achieving transformational results doesn’t come easy, it takes work. Here’s how The Bar Method helped a Kansas City blogger overcome an injury and push past boundaries, replacing her doubts with love for her body and a new found strength and grace.

Read Amy’s Transformation Story:

“In December of 2016, my Chiropractor recommended The Bar Method to me. I had had 2 c-sections, my last one in June of 2015, and back surgery in August of 2015. My core was as weak as it had ever been. Once an avid exerciser, after living with chronic pain for 2 years, my body was weak and I hadn’t found a workout I could do without increasing my low back pain.

I was so nervous to go to my first class. I hadn’t been to an exercise class since finding out I was pregnant in Fall 2014. I started my weight loss journey in November 2015, but I had only been walking for the first year and had lost about 65 pounds when I decided I needed to add in more exercise. I walked in to Bar Method and was amazed by how strong the women looked. As I went through the class I felt so weak, but I changed my attitude and started telling myself… if you do this workout, you can be strong, too. So, I went back. Again and again. I started taking class 3 days a week and eventually worked up to 5 days a week. When I started I did most of the modifications, listening to my body so I wouldn’t increase the pain. The instructors were amazing. They were attentive, encouraging and mindful of my limitations. They celebrated with me as I become stronger in class and continued on my weight loss journey.

Since joining Bar Method in December 2016, I have become stronger from the inside out. I have never felt this strong in my life. My back pain has significantly decreased, I am proud of my Bar Method arms and have continued to lose weight… reaching a total loss so far of 104 pounds. The Bar Method is more than just a workout to me. Bar Method is being part of a community that encourages us to be strong, believe in ourselves when it’s easier to doubt our strength, and make having a healthy body a priority in a world where our to-do lists are too long and there is never enough time in the day. Bar Method is helping me love my body, a body I mistreated and hated for far too many years. This workout is more than a calorie burn, it’s a way of life, and I am so thankful for how Bar Method has changed my body and mind, from the inside out.”

Tell us More…

I Started Taking Class Because: “It was recommended to me by my chiropractor to help strengthen my core because I was recovering from back surgery and was also on a journey to lose 100+ pounds. I needed to build strength in my core while also tightening and toning my muscles.”

I feel strongest when: “I am in a pose that my mind is fighting, and I continue to push through. That pose can vary depending on the day, but when I commit to focusing on the pose and on breathing through it instead of coming out of it, embrace the shake and tremble and stay in the muscle.”

The Bar Method is: “A workout that encourages you to listen to your body, while challenging it at the same time.  It’s about believing in yourself when you think you can’t do any more.  It’s about building strength from the inside out.”  

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