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How to Prep for Your First Barre Class

October 3, 2017
Women walking into Bar Method studio

Taking a new workout class can be intimidating! When you enter a Bar Method studio, we want you to feel confident, welcome, and ready to have a first-class experience. Whether you’re brand new to the world of barre or haven’t taken a class in a while, it’s important to go into your barre class prepared and ready to get the best possible workout in. We’ve compiled our most important tips that will help you have the most successful class.

Show up early

The early bird gets the worm! Try your best to arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of your Bar Method class to get all set up. When you arrive at the studio, you’ll fill out a new client form, take a tour of the studio, and meet your amazing instructor. Be sure to tell your instructor about any injuries, pregnancy or special circumstances so that they can recommend the best modifications (if you need them) to ensure the workout is safe and effective for you.

If you’re wondering what the class itself looks like, here’s the scoop! Every Bar Method class starts with a warm-up, upper-body exercises and push-ups in the middle of the room. This is followed by a sequence of leg work at the barre and core exercises on the floor. Throughout the duration of the class, you’ll predominantly use your own bodyweight as resistance along with a few basic props. These include items like free weights, mats, a ball, and sliders. No matter what skill level you are, we want our clients to feel confident in understanding their individual limits while receiving encouragement to continually push forward to meet their goals.

Dress to impress

Your barre outfit should include stretchy pants or leggings that go below your knees for maximum flexibility and movement during class. We also suggest wearing a breathable top that allows you to move freely. Keep in mind that our studios are carpeted, and certain exercises and stretches are positioned on the floor. Additionally, our instructors offer hands-on adjustments to clients that ensure proper form and positioning. Wearing soft, stretchy clothing that covers your knees and midriff can help you stay comfortable the entire time.

If you’re struggling with what to wear to barre class or maybe you just need some new workout clothes, browse our online store for outfit ideas and other barre class essentials. When wearing the right apparel, you’ll feel much more comfortable and confident at the barre.

Wear grippy socks

You may be wondering, what are grippy socks? Well let us ask you this. Have you ever tried to hold a 60-second plank on carpet wearing socks without grip? Trust us, you don’t want to. Grippy socks are like normal socks but with unique soles and grippy dots on the bottom that help you keep your traction and have a safe, enjoyable workout. If you don’t have a pair, don’t worry! There are plenty to choose from that you can purchase at your local Bar Method studio.

Be patient with yourself

Let’s face it: barre isn’t easy. If you don’t already know that, you will find out quickly at your first class! Whether you’ve taken a break for the winter or are trying it for the first time, you’ll most likely struggle to Barre is not easy. Whether you’re a newbie or barre pro, you’ll most likely struggle in some capacity throughout a Bar Method class. If you’re regularly challenging yourself, that’s how it should be! If you’re new, this can be more frustrating, especially if you’re not used to movements used in barre. Just be patient and give yourself the time and space you need to learn the movements. Stick with it, keep taking classes, and you’ll see results in no time!

All are welcome

At The Bar Method, barre is for everyone. We offer a welcoming environment for all – all ages, every body type and even expectant mothers. If you’re insecure or worried about your fitness abilities, don’t be! At The Bar Method, we welcome students of all experience levels and backgrounds. We modify your workout so it’s suitable for you.

Photo Credit: The Bar Method Winter Park

Trust your instructor

Think of your instructor as your guide in the world of barre. It’s so important to speak with your Bar Method instructor about your goals, struggles, and limitations. What makes The Bar Method so special is our best-in-class instructors. They undergo a lengthy and rigorous training process that includes lessons in anatomy and adjustments, which enables them to assist you verbally and in a hands-on capacity throughout each class. The Bar Method is unique to any other barre class in that it’s truly a scientific method. It was created under the guidance and recommendations of physical therapists to ensure it’s safe and effective for students spanning a wide range of abilities.

Throughout your class, they’ll be there for you every step of the way with verbal and hands-on adjustments. Our #1 goal is to inspire you to be your absolute best! As a Bar Method student, you’ll receive personalized adjustments, modifications, and encouragement to get the most out of every barre class.

Embrace the shake

If you’ve checked out our social page, you’ll see we talk about ‘the shake’ a LOT. But what does that even mean? At The Bar Method we refer to ‘the shake’ as the shaking of your muscles during our targeted moves. While feeling your muscles shaking during your barre routine isn’t one of the most comfortable things, it means your body is in the process of change – and that is certainly something to celebrate! When you start to feel that shake come on during your Bar Method class, embrace it and know that results are just around the corner.

Follow along on Instagram

Lots of Bar Method studios have their own Instagram accounts, which makes it easy to stay connected with your local instructors and classmates. Your local studio may post about fun upcoming events or classes that you won’t want to miss out on. You can also follow our official Instagram account for inspirational stories, fun (and often hilarious!) content, technique demonstrations and so much more!

Book another class

If this is your first ever barre class, you’ll more than likely be a little sore afterwards. But luckily for you, we have the best cure! It’s signing up for another class. Your body will love all of the active stretches at the barre, and trust us, after that you’ll be hooked. A pro tip for after your first class: Drink lots of water so your muscles stay hydrated as they recover! 

To get the transformative, real results we’re all looking for, we recommend taking three to five Bar Method classes a week. When you consistently attend barre classes, you’ll see accelerated results and be well on your way to a more powerful you!

Bring a friend

What’s better than a Bar Method class? A Bar Method class with your BFF! Why wouldn’t you want to witness your friend shake through a set of thigh exercises right alongside you? Although the burn can be intense at first, that same burn and shake are the things we end up learning to love and even crave. Do your bestie a favor and bring them along with you for your first (and second) Bar Method class. Because it’s been proven that those who shake together, stay together.

Get involved with in-studio challenges and events

Once you start regularly attending classes, get in on the fun of in-studio challenges and events! If you’re looking to take your barre journey to the next level, a Bar Method challenge is the perfect place to start. Attending studio events and participating in challenges are also amazing ways to get involved in your Bar Method community and meet some lifelong friends. 

Follow your studio’s social page for more information or talk to your instructor about upcoming challenges.

Have fun

The last and final tip, have fun! Life is too short to take anything too seriously and that includes your barre practice! We’re here to remind you that we all start somewhere on our fitness journey and it’s okay to not be perfect in every class you attend. Showing up physically and mentally to class is half the battle! Every class you take might feel a little different but keep pushing yourself. Don’t worry if you need a break, use modifications, or fall out of positioning, it’s all a part of the journey. Listen to your instructors’ adjustments and you’ll be a barre pro in no time.

Click here to learn more about what to expect as a new client to The Bar Method. Ready to give barre a try? Locate your local Bar Method studio, or try an online class for free!