Which Bar Method Class is Best for Me?

January 20, 2020

If you look at a Bar Method class schedule, you will see a variety of class options. You may be wondering which class is best for you. At The Bar Method, most of our studios offer at least 4 class options: Bar Method, Bar Strength, Bar Method Cardio, and Bar Restore. While each class is built on our foundational, transformative technique, every class type has a unique offering to help everybody feel their personal best. Keep reading to learn more about each class and what it is designed to help you achieve.

Bar Method

Low impact. High reward. Our classic Bar Method class is an interval-training workout designed to help you lose inches by burning fat and sculpting lean muscles. A well-designed sequence of specific movements throughout this one-hour class will target and reshape your muscles. We incorporate stretches throughout the class to tone and elongate your body. While every Bar Method class follows a thoughtfully designed flow of exercises and stretches, no two classes are the same. Bar Method class is for anyone and everyone, and serves as a great way to learn the method and better understand each exercise. Bar Method is the best method to transform and renew you. Book your next Bar Method class here.

Bar Strength

Strength without the bulk? Yes, please! Bar Strength calls on barre enthusiasts who crave the burn and fatigue from deeper muscle engagement. This class amplifies our signature barre exercises with challenging weight work and compound movements to get deeper into the muscle. A special focus is placed on the thigh and seat sections of class to isolate, sculpt and define each muscle. Even the most practiced barre enthusiasts will be challenged to push the limits of their inner and outer strength. Bar Strength classes are typically an hour long, but some studios offer this strength-training favorite in a 45 minute express format! Book your next Bar Strength or Bar Strength Express here and watch your mind-body connection build.

Bar Method Cardio

Aspire to perspire!!  This heart-pumping class features high intensity yet low impact movements that will push you to the max.  The continuous and fast-paced cardio barre class design will challenge you AND leave you feeling energized, invigorated, and a little sweaty. Beyond leaner muscles, Bar Method Cardio will help you boost your stamina, improve your heart and lung health, and boost your metabolism! Detoxify your body with this cardio challenge and give it an endorphin rush it will love! Just like Bar Strength, Bar Method Cardio is offered in both 45 and one-hour formats. Book your next Bar Method Cardio class here.

Bar Flow

Our Bar Flow workout infuses Vinyasa yoga flow sequences into our signature Bar Method class to help you strengthen, stretch, and energize. By constantly moving and flowing, you will enjoy an elevated heart rate and master grace, balance, and flexibility with every class. Build your muscles, mind, and inner warrior with Bar Flow.

Bar Restore

Stretch your mind, body, and potential in Bar Restore. Because flexibility is as important as strength, we offer Bar Restore. The first half of this class features elements of our signature Bar Method class, designed to give you an intense workout. The second half slows down to focus on stretching the muscles you’ve just challenged. By incorporating Bar Restore into your class regimine, you can expect to see increased flexibility, lower stress levels, and a sense of tranquility. Book your next Bar Restore class and get ready to leave feeling renewed and recharged!

We encourage you to try each class offering and include a variety of classes in your schedule each week. So whether you are seeking the toning benefits of Bar Method, the mind & body strengthening of Bar Strength, a cardio boost in Bar Method Cardio, or a feeling of tranquility in Bar Restore, booking your next class is just a click away.