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Fitness Trends vs. Mastery

September 13, 2009

fitness bar trendsThe upside of fitness trends is that they help motivate people to exercise.  Our thirst for variety hooks us into the next new hot twist on fitness.  The downside is that trendy workouts by their nature are incapable of giving their students good results. Reshaping your body involves sticking with a routine for months into years, and this fact makes it inevitable that trend followers never get that far into any one system.  Worse, they risk injury from repeatedly submitting their less-than-fit bodies to untried exercise systems taught by newly-trained instructors “ a lethal combination of accidents waiting to happen.

Exercise trends themselves, even when students do embrace them, often turn out to be hastily conceived, over-promoted and under-performing products.  Take, for example, the three succeeding eras of step-aerobics, yoga and Pilates.  Steps ascent in the 80s was fueled by reports of knee problems from high-impact aerobics classes.  Half a decade later, step-aerobics turned out not only to cause more knee problem but also to leave its students with unshaped bodies and tight muscles.  Yoga, with its graceful stretches, saw an opening and quickly became the next it girl of exercise.  It wasnt long before yoga students noticed their weak bellies and Pilates picked up the baton as the next trend.  Its about time we had a form of exercise thats not solely a counter-trend but one that comes fully equipped to deliver all the goods.

stretching tipsThis is where the Bar Method comes in.  Compare it to other exercise brands such as step, spinning and pilates, and its difference in approach becomes clear.   The Bar Method, rather than following or bouncing off exercise trends has based its technique on exercise physiology, guidance from physical therapists, and results gained by its students.  This ongoing investigation aims to leave no stone unturned.  Over the years exercises have been added or subtracted based solely on their safety and effectiveness.   In its nearly two decades of development, the Bar Method has developed an amazingly safe, simple, effective way to challenge and enhance the human body.  To read how consistent exercise can transform your life, go to Top Ten Tips.

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