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Anniversary Tributes

August 18, 2016

Below are a few words from our Founder, Burr Leonard, and CEO and President, Jay DeCoons, in honor of Bar Turning 15.

As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, I want to thank you, Bar Method students, for inspiring and guiding me as I developed The Bar Method into what it is today. I started with no more than a few untested ideas about the potential of exercise to change people’s lives, among them that we are all naturally courageous and that every person can bring about amazing changes in themselves with work and practice. As I tried out these ideas, I watched you bond with each other and learned that you do your best as part of a community where every member is noticed and believed in. I was excited to see you focus your minds and discovered that when you did that, your bodies changed faster. Your feedback about how The Bar Method helped or didn’t help you with old injuries and conditions confirmed my conviction that The Bar Method needed to be thoughtfully crafted and knowledgeably taught. And last but not least, you made absolutely clear that you change faster, think more clearly, find more courage, and come out of class with better results when you’re having fun.

I salute you, intrepid Bar Method students, for bringing my ideas to life with passion, grace, wisdom, good humor and a positive spirit beyond what I could have imagined.


Happy 15th Anniversary! We are thrilled to be celebrating 15 years of Bar. With the increase in competitive fitness offerings in the market today, we know you have choice and we are honored that you continue to choose Bar Method. I have never been more confident in our future for one simple reason – the technique that our Founder, Burr Leonard, created 15 years ago. I have heard so many incredible stories of transformation and that fuels me and our team to continue to share our story of differentiation with the world. We will continue to innovate and refresh our offerings so that you – our long-time and dedicated clients – continue to feel inspired and challenged. Over the coming months you will hear about new classes, music, studio improvements, apparel and other touches aimed at improving our connection with you. It is our aim to find ways to surprise and delight you! Thank you for all you have done to help us grow this great brand and for supporting our amazing owner community of talented female entrepreneurs.



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