The Method

A Peek Inside The Barre Studio

September 7, 2018

Not all barre studios are built alike. If you have “barre-hopped” around, you’ve most likely noticed some studios have hardwood floors, while others have carpet. Some studios have mirrors on all four walls and others have only one mirrored wall. If you look closely, and know what to look for, you will notice some obvious differences between studios and the way they are built.

In this post, we give you an inside look into where the magic happens at The Bar Method, the studio room. All of The Bar Method studios across the country, and in Canada, are built with the same high standards and attention to detail with calming neutral colors on the walls and natural light for a cheerful ambiance. Once you know how the studio is built, we promise you will have a deeper appreciation for the method and its commitment to excellence. Let’s take a peek…

1. Floors:

All Bar Method studios are lined with high quality, durable, yet soft carpet installed over a thick gymnastic grade pad. This is the foundation of our studios and necessary to support the foundation of The Bar Method – joint safety. The flooring is one of the biggest expenses of a studio buildout and arguably the most important. The carpet and cushion combo provide comfort and stability for your joints when performing the weight-bearing exercises like diamond thigh, arabesque, pushups, and reverse pushups.

2. Mirrors:

When you walk into the studio, one of the first things you probably notice is all of the mirrors. In fact, if you’re new to The Bar Method you will most likely choose a spot at the barre at a non-mirrored wall. We understand that the mirrors can be intimidating at first, especially when you’re just starting out. It’s not easy watching yourself try something new. However, the mirror will quickly become your best tool to use in class. It will show you your strengths and reveal to you your weaknesses. We all have both and when you use the mirrors to keep an eye on your form, your path to mastery will dramatically improve. Bar Method studios will always have a large mirrored wall and a side mirrored wall for you to check your form from two angles. Choose a spot in the room where you can see yourself in both to identify your alignment and posture.

3. Stall Bars:

The funny ladder-looking structures in the corners of the barre studio room are called “stall bars.” They are an important part of the studio, as they serve multiple purposes. Here are just some of the ways we use the stall bars in class:

  1. They allow students with tight hamstrings to get a more effective and safe stretch at a lower barre during the bar stretch.
  2. You can hang from the stall bars before or after class to lengthen the spine and reverse some of its constant compression from gravity.
  3. Depending on your body type, you can do round-back at the stall bars. Ask your instructor if this is a good option for you.
  4. If you’re petite, Foldover at the stall bar is a game changer for your alignment and overall form.

4. Ballet Barres:

The Bar Method studios are unique in that our studios are equipped with ballet barres at varying heights (37” – 40” from the ground) for people of different sizes and flexibility. What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for every person. We built our studios with that in mind and as a result, have created a space and workout that is adaptable for every unique body and sustainable for life.

5. Music:

Lastly, the music is the glue that pulls it all together. The music sets the mood and we’re proud to have an exclusive DJ creating custom music sets for The Bar Method. Our music is perfectly curated to pair with the format of our classes, using specific BPM’s to get your heart pumping when you strengthen and familiar slow tunes to center your mind as you lengthen. Let the music move you and surrender to the sound…you might find you’re able to push out those last 20 reps after all!

That completes the tour of the barre studio. Enjoy your space, it was created for you to build inner and outer strength, grace, and poise!  

Studio Pictured: The Bar Method San Luis Obispo