As a Bar Method Instructor, This is What I Wish for my Students

February 10, 2020

From barre to boxing, and spin to hot yoga, there is no shortage of options when it comes to workout classes. At The Bar Method, we stand out from the competition in many ways, but one of the things that makes our studios so special are the Instructors. Our Instructors receive approximately 6 months of training before becoming a certified instructor to ensure they provide you with the safest, more effective workout possible. Today, The Bar Method Goldcoast instructor Morgan Bierman is sharing what she wishes for her students as a Bar Method Instructor. Keep reading to understand the passion that lies within each of our Instructor’s hearts:

Make it to class

It doesn’t matter if you were looking forward to it all week, or forced yourself to class with the promise of a glass of red wine afterwards (Because let’s be honest, I’ve been there too). You made it, and that is so important. Be proud of yourself. Make class, and your health, a priority. Find the time class works for you, and make it a routine. I promise you won’t catch me at a 7am class, but evenings… those are my jam. I love seeing students prioritize themselves in a world with so many competing asks.

Learn & grow

I hope to see my students learn and grow through each class they take. Learn a new move (high curl oblique twists, oh baby!). Learn that you can drop one inch lower in thigh; even when I give you diamond thigh as your 3rd set and your legs have concocted their own little earthquake. Learn that you are part of an incredible community that exists to support you. 

Grow stronger both physically & mentally (because sometimes staying in foldover is all about mind > matter). Grow leaner as you increase your flexibility during each well-earned stretch. Grow more confident as you realize how incredible you are for showing up.

Be vulnerable

Use class as a time to lower your barriers and let me, as your instructor, in. Open yourself to corrections, verbal or hands on. I’m here to keep you safe, and encourage you. I call your name to remind you that I’m your personal cheerleader, supporting you on your fitness journey, whatever that may look like to you. Sometimes I call your name to push you harder, because I know how strong you are (and because I know you can come into your L-shape during roundback!). Take it all in, I’m on your team!

Love yourself

During the hour you spend with me during class, I wish for you to feel proud of yourself. Proud of all the incredible things you and your body are capable of. I want to see you smile when you realize how brave, strong, and fearless you are. Come to class because it makes you happy. It nourishes your body and your soul. A time to clear your mind, and breathe. Reconnect your mind, body, and soul, so when you blink your eyes open after final stretch, you feel whole.

About the Author

Morgan Bierman is a Bar Method instructor in at the Goldcoast Studio in Chicago, Illinois. Morgan is a Bar Method fanatic turned instructor. When she isn’t teaching/working her day job as a Recruiting Manager you can likely find her brunching with girlfriends or cuddling up her dog & cat watching Netflix.