The Method

Let’s Give Our Instructors Some Credit

December 17, 2018

A very common reaction after someone’s first Bar Method class is, how does the teacher remember everyone’s name? Our instructors at The Bar Method are superstars, but not only because they remember the name of everyone who walks through our doors. Today, our National Director of Training and Coaching, Emma Jordan, will walk us through the ongoing training process our instructors go through, so that they can provide you with the best and safest barre class in the market. Continue reading and you will find yourself respecting your favorite Bar Method instructors even more!

One of the things that makes The Bar Method so special is that it is a one-on-one experience, in a group class setting. Not only will you challenge yourself with mentally and physically demanding exercises, you’ll receive individualized attention from one of our highly trained instructors. The Bar Method workout is closely designed with a physical therapist, making this 45-60 minute experience effective, sustainable and life changing. So, how does class conceptualization and design translate into a specialized experience? Through the intensive training The Bar Method instructors undergo during a 3-6 month period that involves education and hands-on skills in anatomy, technique, and body positioning.

Once an instructor decides they want to inspire others the way The Bar Method has inspired them, they begin their teaching journey by auditioning for their local studio owner. Once approved, his or her studio owner will begin the pre-training process by scheduling practice and study sessions over a 4-6 week period that involves memorization, presentation skills and anatomy. After pre-training, each trainee attends an extensive training with a Bar Method National Trainer. Bar Method National Trainers are master instructors that have developed and focused experience teaching, coaching and training in The Bar Method. During this 3-day training, trainees receive hands-on experience with positioning for a wide array of body types. They learn how to help each student modify for each exercise as we believe “one size does not fit all”. To create a truly individualized experience, instructors will learn and use your name to help you find the most effective position and to celebrate your victories with you! There’s no trick or method for putting a name to a face, but instructors begin practicing this early on in their training.

After trainees return to their local studios, the real work begins as they must put their new skills to practice in the studio room. Trainees will spend an additional 2-5 months practicing in the studio room as they work towards certification. To receive certification, trainees must submit a certification video to their National Trainer and pass an anatomy quiz and a Manual Exam. But the learning doesn’t stop at certification! Instructors receive continuing education each month on new adjustments, technique, exercises and modifications. Each certified teacher is annually tested on their knowledge with an annual certification exam. Each studio also receives a specialized visit from one of The Bar Method’s National Coaches each year.  

If you have ever taken an exercise class and wondered, “am I doing this right?” rest assured that at a Bar Method class you will have an instructor that will help you get into the safest and most effective form possible through verbal cues and hands-on positioning. Next time you are in class, take a moment to recognize your instructor’s attention to detail, clear language, and encouraging nature. And of course, don’t forget to end class with a big THANK YOU!

You can experience our fabulous teaching method by booking a class here.