Why You Shouldn’t fear your first Bar Method class

January 14, 2019

When most people hear the words ‘barre class’ they imagine bunheads, flexibility, dancers, and thin bodies. But mention these words to a Bar Method client and they imagine their home away from home, supportive friends, empowering community, and a strong body. Taking the first step and signing up for your first barre class might seem like a daunting task, but we promise that your first experience at The Bar Method will be invigorating & empowering. If you need a little more convincing, here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t fear your first class at The Bar Method:

You Don’t Have to Be a Dancer

Yes, The Bar Method’s signature technique has many components that stem from ballet. The ballet barre, exercise terminology, and graceful strength exuded by the students and instructors all derive from the ballet environment that inspired our founder Burr Leonard to create The Bar Method. But no, you do not have to be a dancer to take a Bar Method class. The Bar Method is home to runners, Olympic athletes, 75-year old women recovering from a back injury, and new moms who are trying to find themselves after giving birth to their first child. Our classes are designed to be safe and effective for all body types, ages, and experience levels. So dancer or not, our doors are open to you.

It’s Warm

Our classes will definitely leave your muscles burning, but this isn’t the heat were talking about when we say it’s warm. We are talking about our community! From the bright smile that greets you at the front desk, the lively woman who says ‘hello’ as you enter the classroom, and the teacher who calls your name to offer some words of encouragement, you will feel right at home at The Bar Method. As soon as you walk in the door all of those nerves you have worked up will trickle away, just like the sweat that will be trickling down your back after completing a rewarding class.

We Hire the Cream of the Crop

If you have taken any fitness class at all, you know your experience is largely determined by your instructor. The Bar Method instructors have each gone through over 6 months of training to ensure that you not only get a full-body workout, but you do so safely. During your first few barre classes you might find that you are asking yourself, am I doing this right? It is normal for the technique to feel a little foreign in your body at first, but that is why our knowledgeable staff will be there with you every tuck of the way, ensuring your form is on pointe (pun intended).

No One’s Perfect

At The Bar Method we are all on the path to mastery. If you ask long-time clients what they love about The Bar Method, many times they will say that it never gets easier. If you’re worried about signing up for your first barre class because you think it will be hard, you are right. It is hard, but we are all on this path together, breathing through each set of thigh work and smiling as we hear, “last 10.”

It’s Fun for Everyone!

You know that idea you have in your head that barre classes are filled with snooty ballerinas, stone faces, and classical music? Well let that image drift away, because it couldn’t be further from the truth. At The Bar Method, you will walk into a class with today’s top hits playing on the speaker, an instructor cracking jokes during seat work to help take your mind off the burn, and an energetic group of students surrounding you. At first, the women surrounding you might just be students, but soon they will be your friends.

And just like that, we’ve convinced you to sign up for your first class, right? You can find your local studio and book a class here. We hope to see you tucking, shaking, and smiling in class soon!

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