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Celebrate your Strength. Happy Mother’s Day!

May 13, 2018

Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts (and challenges) in life! It teaches you patience, compassion, discipline, love and so much more! We stand proud to support the women in our community along their journey of motherhood, and love hearing how The Bar Method studios have become a “home away from home” to either escape for some much needed “me-time” or to bond with their children further.

This Mother’s Day we celebrate the special bond between mothers and daughters by asking a few special duos in our community how The Bar Method has helped them strengthen their relationship one pretzel day at a time!

How does The Bar Method community enrich your relationship with each other?  

“We love serving our community of clients together as a mother/daughter duo. We see people through a different lens, it’s not just a business but a vehicle to enrich all relationships, especially ours!”

Jennifer & Lauren – Fresno


How do you celebrate your strength together at the barre? 

“Kassie and I are constantly celebrating our Bar Method wins by sharing with each other what we loved in our classes or what seems to really be working for us technique-wise! We also talk a lot about how thankful we are that The Bar Method came into our lives as our bodies are so much stronger than ever before! The strength we gain physically and mentally in Bar Method classes challenges Kassie and I to try to stay healthy in many other areas of our lives as well and as a result of that I find we are constantly challenging each other to try to be better and stronger in all we do.” – Kari

“We like to go to barre on Saturday and then go shopping after. We motivate each other to get to class and then get to celebrate after by running errands and having fun. Then we get to have a delicious guilt free dinner on Saturday night because we made it to Bar Method.” – Kassie

Kari & Kassie – Plano


What do you love most about working out together at the barre? 

“I love seeing my mom in a different light than I see her at home.  Growing up, my mom has always watched my soccer games, tennis matches, swim meets and lacrosse games.  It’s fun to do something with her instead of having her just watch me. Working out with her at The Bar Method makes me proud of her physical strength and inspires me to push a little harder in all the exercises.” – Shaye  

“It’s the moment I look over and catch a glimpse in the mirror of the beautiful girl who I am so proud to call my daughter.  In those moments it seems like just yesterday she was toddling around, dependent on me for everything. Before my eyes, in what seems like a flash, she has grown into a strong, independent young woman who makes her own decisions and choices.  The Bar Method exercise and The Bar Method Madison studio are so very near and dear to my heart. Her choice to share this special space and exercise with me brings my love and passion for both together in one place.” – Kathy

Kathy & Shaye – Madison


What do you love most about working out together at the barre? 

“We love spending time together, and there is something especially rewarding about working out together at Bar Method.  We push each other to do better, and it is always fun to hear the instructors compliment one of us on our form or determination (or challenge us to go lower than the other!).  We are so proud of each other’s progress.”

Maggie and Karen – Darien

Happy Mother’s Day!