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5 Ways to Stay Motivated Through the Tone Up in 10 Challenge

September 16, 2018

Whether your fall semester just started, the kids are back in school and sports, or you are still recovering from your summer vacations, we know that this time of year can be HECTIC. But this doesn’t mean that we stop taking care of ourselves and our health. The Bar Method knows that during this time of year, we could all use a little extra motivation to get ourselves into barre class, so we created the Tone Up in 10 Challenge. In this challenge we will all complete at least 10 Bar Method classes from September 10th through October 10th. The best part is, completing the challenge will not only leave your body and mind stronger, but it will put you in the running for winning the Holy Grail Kit from our partners at Volition Beauty.

We want to ensure your success throughout the challenge, so here are a few ways to keep yourself motivated:


Book Ahead

You would never miss the hair appointment you had to book 2 months in advance, right? Well, treat barre class the same! Before you start your week on Monday, decide what days and times you will take class, book your classes online, and add them to your personal calendar. You can even set a reminder the day before so you don’t skip any bookings!

Set Goals

Sure completing 10 classes throughout the challenge is ONE goal, but there are plenty of additional goals you can also strive to attain through the challenge. Perhaps you want to commit to drinking 10 cups of water every day, or increase you flexibility in your hips. Write down all of your health, fitness, and personal goals and set your heart and mind to achieving them all together!

Bring Your Babes

No one likes a friend who bails last minute. Call up your barre babe to knockout this challenge together. Pick a few classes you can take together, and hold each other accountable. Plus, workouts are always more fun with your BFF (best fitness friend).

Get Social!

Who doesn’t love a glowing, post-workout selfie that lets all of your friends on social media know that you workout? We encourage you to stay social throughout the Tone Up in 10 Challenge by using our class tracker for Instagram. Save the class tracker saved in our Instagram highlights here and post this to your story every time you take class.

Treat Yourself

We think you’re all winners, but not everyone can win the Volition Holy Grail Kit at the end of the challenge. So treat yourself to a little something and reward yourself for committing and conquering the Tone Up in 10 Challenge. Whether it’s the shoes that have been sitting in your Nordy’s shopping cart, a giant chocolate fro-yo, or a hydrating facial, the options are endless.

So who is ready to join us in the Tone Up in Challenge? If you haven’t signed up, it’s not to late, you can sign up here. We encourage you to believe in yourself, because we believe in you! We hope to see you at the barre soon.





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