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10 Reasons Our Clients Love The Bar Method

February 11, 2019

February is the perfect month to celebrate love. We encourage you to cherish your relationships with your loved ones, remind yourself of something you love about yourself every day, and be thankful for all of the lovely things you have in your life. To help spread a little love this season, we asked Bar Method clients from all around the US & Canada to share why they love The Bar Method. While we found it was a struggle for our clients to name only ONE thing they love about The Bar Method, here is what they had to say:

The Bar Method is Transformative

One thing you can expect after becoming a dedicated Bar Method student is a change in your body. Our classes are designed to build long, lean muscles and burn fat. Courtney of The Bar Method Santa Barbara thanks The Bar Method for helping her make a miraculous body transformation. “I love The Bar Method because it’s a warm and welcoming place to work out and it challenges me every day. From the staff knowing my name before I had even fully entered the building, to the instructors who notice my accomplishments in class and push me to do my best, from day 1 I’ve felt completely at home. I am thankful for them and the workout which has helped me lose 65 lbs so far!”

The Bar Method is Challenging

At first glance, many people who are new to barre wonder, can it really be that hard? Then five minutes into class they fully understand why barre workouts are so effective. Whether you are a barre newbie, or a Bar Method client of 5 years our classes will always be challenging. Tina attends The Bar Method Kailua on the beautiful island of Oahu and she loves that she can rely on her Bar Method classes to always bring the heat. “I’ve been a member for a little over 2 years and the reason why I love The Bar Method and keep coming back is because the classes are challenging both physically and mentally. The format is similar class to class but different enough to keep you on your toes and engage you. I have noticed my body getting stronger and I have gained more mental stamina. I feel more confident about my capabilities. This makes me want to continue to push myself and see how far I can get!”

The Bar Method is Supportive

A common first impression for someone after their first Bar Method visit is, ‘Wow, everyone here is so nice!’ The Bar Method prides itself in not only being a place to workout, but a place for you to be a part of a warm, friendly, and supportive community. Expect to come to The Bar Method and be surrounded by positive souls who are rooting for you with zero judgements attached. When asked what he loved most about The Bar Method, Jonathan of The Bar Method Portland Pearl District was quick to mention the community. “The thing I love the most about The Bar Method is that it gives me a sense of belonging and community. The supportive nature of all the teachers and students allows every level of participant to feel welcomed and part of a family.”

The Bar Method Makes Me Stronger

Yes, The Bar Method will make your body physically stronger, but what about the mental effects it has on your body? Our classes are tough. Seconds into thigh work, your mind will be begging your body for a break, but over time you will develop the mental strength to persevere and fight through the pain. This mental perseverance can be applied to other parts of your life as well. Krista of The Bar Method South Overland Park says The Bar Method has helped her excel in her career. “I took my first Bar Method class a year ago when I was launching a non-profit. The past year has taken me to my mental shaking zone more than I could ever imagine. But because of the instructors and the community at Bar Method Kansas City, I’ve learned that I don’t need to be afraid of the shake, because in the shaking zone is where I grow stronger.”

The Bar Method Helps Me Age Beautifully

How many fitness studios can truly say they offer a workout that is sustainable for life? The answer to that is not many, but luckily The Bar Method is one of the few. Our low-impact yet highly effective technique is safe for all ages. Soon to be 70 year old client from The Bar Method Madison, Ann Marie, thanks The Bar Method for helping her age so beautifully. “I love the Bar Method because it is helping me age with strength and grace. For the last 10 years, since turning 60 and now going into my 70th year, I found that The Bar Method truly is a full mind body workout. It forces me to stay present, focusing mentally on improving my form. It’s internal rewards are long, lean muscles (something I never had ) and building strong, healthy joints, (even repairing areas plagued with arthritis). Outwardly, it has allowed me to visibly and noticeably tone and re-sculpt my entire body. I feel firmer, tighter and more toned with each session. Bring on the 70’s!”

The Bar Method is a Confidence Builder

It is one thing to look great, but FEELING great really puts the cherry on top. At The Bar Method, we want you to feel your best. We hope to build your confidence, whether it’s by seeing your body change before your eyes, or celebrating you as you get two inches lower on your split. When Alexis of The Bar Method Tampa first joined the studio, she didn’t realize the positive effects it would have on her overall health. “I originally joined The Bar Method 6 years ago with the goal of weight loss, but what I gained for every one of the 8 sizes I lost was a sense of confidence I’ve never felt before, dozens of friendships formed in the community of strong women I work out with every day, and a permanent lifestyle change. Every inch I lost was celebrated by the Instructors. I can’t even be annoyed when they call on me to challenge myself more because they want to see me hit my goals as much as I do. The Bar Method was the catalyst for a new, healthier and brighter life and the more I go, the better I feel.”

The Bar Method Makes Me Better

They say you’ve found “the one” when they make you a better person. Well, the same rules apply for your workout. The Bar Method will help you become better in so many ways. We provide a physical, mental, and spiritual experience that is geared to make you stronger, one squeeze at a time. Bar Method Southlake client and Owner of Hope Chiropractic, Joey thanks The Bar Method for helping him become the best version of himself. “The Bar Method workouts are challenging from all aspects. I come from a background of powerlifting and Olympic lifting. Being incredibly strong I thought this workout wouldn’t be too tough- I was pleasantly surprised and continue to look forward to being challenged. I wake up full of energy after bar and have noticed improvements in many aspects of my life, from my push ups to my mental strength.”

The Bar Method is Safe

We’ve mentioned The Bar Method is safe for all ages, but it’s also safe for all seasons of life; one of those seasons being pregnancy. Staying active during pregnancy is a worry for many expecting mothers, but at The Bar Method we make this easy and more importantly, safe. Our strength building exercises will help support your growing bump and prepare you for they day you introduce your baby to the world. Allyson of The Bar Method Frisco has relied on The Bar Bar Method to help her through not only one pregnancy, but three! “During pregnancy and postpartum the classes have been easily tailored to fit my changing shape and physical abilities. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the corrections, positive reinforcement, and assistance the instructors give students during class! I love the accountability I feel in class but also can immediately feel the difference when an instructor helps me adjust a position … sometimes only one inch!! The difference I feel from consistently coming to class 3 times a week is astounding. I’m able to increase weights, attempt challenge positions, and focus on specific muscle groups I didn’t know before barre class!! Not only has The Bar Method helped me lose all of my postpartum weight but it’s a breath of fresh air during my chaotic weeks. The hour of self focus is refreshing and I always feel recharged when I leave the studio!! I highly recommend The Bar Method whenever any of my friends are looking to transform their body!”

The Bar Method is Ever-Changing

Whether you have tucked with us in 200 classes or just 5, we promise you that no two classes will be the same. Our well trained staff works hard to keep their classes innovative & fresh, so you are always left on your toes (pun intended). Diane of The Bar Method Williamsburg shares what keeps her coming back to the barre- “There are so many reasons to love The Bar Method: the community it creates, the quality and efficiency of the workout, that amazing feeling I always get when I leave the studio, no matter my state of mind when I arrived. Above all, I love that The Bar Method is an ever-changing and thus never a boring workout. Why? Because it’s really up to you to decide how much you are going to challenge yourself on any given day. Not feeling so great? That’s totally fine, just do your best. Feeling strong? Well, just go an inch lower and start shaking! YOU decide how hard you want to work, and this fight between your mind and body is what really makes you a little stronger each time.”

The Bar Method is Special

The Bar Method can be something different for each and every client who walks through our doors. For some, it is an escape. For some, it is rehabilitative. And for others, it is a boost of energy to start their day. But one thing we can all agree on is that The Bar Method is special. Rena of The Bar Method Vancouver says it beautifully. “You go to improve your body…but you go back to be in a place in a big, bustling city where you feel seen and known. You go back because it calms your mind. You go back to see your body do things you didn’t know it could. You go back because you’re addicted to the burn. You go back because sometimes you shed a tear during final stretch and that feels good. This place is special. It’s not like any other barre or fitness class.”


Our hearts are beating heavy for The Bar Method, and we hope yours are too. What do you love most about The Bar Method. Tell us in today’s Instagram post! See you at the barre, our loves!