The Community

Happy Holidays from The Bar Method

December 25, 2015

As we wrap up the year, we have a lot to be grateful for and to reflect on in 2015.

We celebrate and appreciate our clients all across the globe in our local studios and Bar Online! We are inspired by your drive to be the best you can be and by your amazing strength, on the inside and out. Your commitment to better yourself, your encouragement of one another, and your positive attitude is the reason we are all here everyday.

We welcome and congratulate our 10 new studios that opened in 2015! It’s so exciting to see The Bar Method growing and touching more lives every year.

While you’re traveling over the Holidays and into the New Year, come check out one of our 92 studios across the United States and Canada and say hello. We love to have Bar visitors from other studios!

As we end the year, we also celebrate our incredible community of Studio Owners. We are honored by your dedication and passion for delivering The Bar Method to local communities every single day. You represent the brand with strength, intelligence, energy, commitment, humor, poise, and beauty. You left careers of all types, including law, finance, education, health, marketing, sales, entertainment, and more because you were deeply impacted by The Bar Method and wanted to bring that same joy to others, taking the leap to run your own business and to follow your passion. Thank you!

There is one particular Studio Owner that we celebrate today and always, Hoddy Potter, owner of the Kansas City Bar Method studios. As many of you know, Hoddy was diagnosed with Lymphoma several years ago. We are deeply saddened that she passed away last week after a very courageous fight.

Hoddy represents the heart and soul of The Bar Method. Her energy was magnetic and her presence would always light up a room. She was very sharp with a quick wit and a creative mind. She believed in The Bar Method with everything she had, and spent her life sharing it with the world. She generously took time to mentor new owners as well as give advice to current owners about how to run a successful business. And in return, our Studio Owners rushed to support her when she had to step away from the studio to undergo treatment. Owners across the country flew in to guest teach in Kansas City, on their own will and at their own expense, to show their support during a difficult time. It illustrates just how much people loved Hoddy, and also the strength and love of the Bar Method family. We will miss Hoddy dearly and send our love and prayers to her family, clients and everyone she touched. Her spirit will live on in us forever.

We wish our clients and studio owners, and those you love, a wonderful Holiday season and a happy New Year. We hope to see you at the Bar in 2016, and as Hoddy would say, “Get it girl and go kick some ass!”