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My Hawaii Scrapbook

Honolulu Elaina at front desk 2015 edit


The Bar Method opened in Honolulu in January 2015, our first studio in Hawaii. I visit every new studio, and I was especially looking forward to this trip. Elaina Olson is like my sister. Her office was next to mine for three years when she was working as our company’s Manager of Franchise Development, always dreaming about opening her own studio as she helped others open theirs. Finally, at the age of 27, she made her dream come true by opening a Bar Method studio in the heart of Honolulu. Besides being thrilled for Elaina, I was secretly thrilled for myself. I’d never been to Hawaii, and this was my chance!

My husband Michael and I saw a further opportunity in my assignment. Every year, we take a vacation in July, and by combining my trip with our vacation, we could see a part of the country we weren’t familiar with.

My first two days in Hawaii were visiting Elaina in Honolulu, and I had a blast. Her studio’s informal, beachy vibe drained the stress out of me, and like Honolulu itself, her students immediately won me over. They placed “leis” around my neck, taught me to give the “shaka” hand greeting, and had me throwing balls in the air with them. I left considering them life-long friends.

Honolulu Burr teaching July 2015 crop edit

Teaching class in Honolulu

Honolulu learned the Shaka greeting 2015 edit lighter

Leis and “shakas”










Honolulu throwing balls 2015 edit

Throwing balls

Vacation was next! I took a tiny turbo prop to Maui and met my husband at the airport. We got a room with a great view.

Maui view from room 2015 edit

The view from our room

Michael turned 65 when we were there, and I took him out to dinner to celebrate.

Lelanie's Maui July 2015 edit

Wining and dining him again

Lahaina Fish Grill July 25 2015 edit 2

Dinner on Michael’s 65th birthday











At the beach, Michael shed his T-shirt to show off his results from his 4-day-a-week Bar Method and Bar Move routine. Meanwhile, I tried to lounge by the pool and learned that it is not my thing. I don’t like to sit still unless I have to, and the time and effort to apply sunscreen on all the places that are usually covered by clothes was, well, not my thing.

Maui Michael six pack 2015 edit

Michael showing off his Bar Method six pack

Maui lounging by pool 1 2015 edit

Trying unsuccessfully to sit still














Parasailing we loved!

Maui parasailing 1 2015 edit


Maui parasailing 4 2015 edit

Being dunked!










There were surfers all over the place in Maui. Being 68, I opted for splashing in the waves.

Maui Burr in waves 6 2015 edit

Maui Burr in waves 7 edit













The last day I started missing my dog (a pomeranian). Fortunately, there was a swan at the hotel who loves treats and wagged its tail when I offered it some.  Ahhh.

Maui with swan 2 2015 editMaui with swan 1 2015 edit













Back to San Francisco in first class, a gift from my husband.

Michal and Burr on plane from Hawaii 2015 edit











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