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January 27, 2020

Just like Starbucks, in most major cities today, you will find a fitness studio on every corner. From spin, to yoga, to barre, the options are endless. In today’s blog, The Bar Method Caldwells Studio Owner, Kathy Costello, shares what makes The Bar Method stand out from the competition in her eyes. Keep reading to find out more.


What distinguishes The Bar Method from competition and makes it one of the most effective workout options?  Three simple words: focus on form.  In each Bar Method class you will:

  •     hear detailed set ups for the exercises
  •     see the teacher demonstrate many exercises
  •     hear individualized verbal adjustments to better your form
  •     feel personalized hands on adjustments to directly connect you to good form

 Our focus on form has more benefits than you might realize. Here are a few benefits that I’ve found most impactful:

Maximizes your workout efficiency

Short on time?  The Bar Method workout maximizes each minute of class, yielding a very efficient workout.  When done in good form, Bar Method exercises isolate targeted muscle groups and build muscle strength by using precise movements instead of momentum. Exercises that focus on form and precision recruit more muscle cells and build lean, sculpted, flexible muscles very efficiently.

Minimizes risk of injury

The Bar Method exercises are stamped with approval from our staff physical therapists.  In fact, clients who come to Bar Method after having done physical therapy find that many of our exercises and stretches are similar to those done in therapy.  

The Bar Method teachers are well-trained and knowledgeable about the intended form for each exercise. Our teachers are also trained to provide modifications for clients with pre-existing conditions or limitations. Our focus on form and precision make the exercises safe for everyone.

Benefits for your brain

Focusing on form in class has a positive impact on your brain, which benefits you beyond class. Connecting your mind to your body increases chemicals in your brain that improve your ability to focus and concentrate.  Over the longer term, it strengthens and enlarges your hippocampus, your brain’s center for learning and memory.

 The Bar Method’s unique focus on form creates space and time for us to pay attention to ourselves and let go of everything outside class.  It allows us to safely and effectively build mental and physical strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance.

So, are you ready to join us for class? We hope to see you in the studio soon so you can experience the safe & effective workout we couldn’t live without!

About the Author

Kathy Costello took her first Bar Method class in 2008 and knew that there was something special about the workout.  She has been hooked ever since. She has been teaching Bar Method in Madison, NJ for just over 4 years and is a co-owner of the Caldwells studio.  After graduating from Baylor University, Kathy’s corporate finance career spanned 25 years and included several Fortune 500 companies. Kathy lives in Chatham, NJ with her husband, 3 children and 2 dogs.  She plays tennis, golf and occasionally gets to ride horses.

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