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Bar Madness Grand Prize Winners

April 20, 2016

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Bar Madness! Thousands of clients across the country competed at the local studio level, taking as many class as they could each week to advance to the next round. We are so impressed with the dedication that ALL of our clients showed during this challenge!
We are thrilled to announce the grand prize winners €¦.drum roll please!!!

Lisa Grossi and Tory Dalena, the “Mother Tuckers” from The Bar Method Summit in New Jersey!

Lisa and Tory are both long-time clients at the Summit studio. They met at Bar! They have seen each other for years in classes, and they have chatted in the locker room and admired each other’s hard work in class. They decided to join the challenge together because they knew they would be a compatible team but mostly because of their shared love and commitment to The Bar Method.

Lisa has always enjoyed being with Tory in and after Bar class. She knew her partner’s drive and determination would push her to her very limits. Tory could never have imagined just how far, and how life-changing the challenge would be. This challenge impressed and reminded them of the amazing high quality of the Summit studio, and pushed the “Mother Tuckers” to their limits.  Although they live in different towns, have kids of different ages, Bar Madness has brought them together.

They both look better than ever! Lisa feels that even though she has been a regular and consistent client, the challenge upped her Bar game and she feels stronger and more fit than ever. It’s nice to gather some compliments along the way too! Lisa feels more committed, and now that she will return to a more regular class schedule, she is inspired to push herself to attend more Level 2 and Move classes.

Incredibly, after 5 weeks of Bar Madness, Tory has lost 20 pounds! She looks and feels better than ever.

Angie and Jen, the owners of The Bar Method Summit, are grateful to have these amazing women as ambassadors of their studio. “They are proof that our community is stronger when women work together. Tory and Lisa have shown that with teamwork, dedication and hard work in class that you will achieve the results you are craving.”

Congrats Tory and Lisa on your amazing accomplishment! And for the national prize of $500 and a swag bag with the latest Bar Method merchandise!

Check back later in the week when we’ll be posting stories and photos of other clients across the nation who participated in the challenge!